Jack Parker Quotes in Bite the Bullet (1975)


Jack Parker Quotes:

  • Miss Jones: For a family who don't know a jackass from a mule, you sure know a lot about the West.

    Jack Parker: We don't have to know about it. We, ah, we own it.

  • Reporter: To the West!

    Norfolk: Awesome and inspiring.

    Jack Parker: I don't see what's so inspiring about a flash flood or a blizzard, or a landslide or a sandstorm or a dust storm or any sudden disaster, personal or financial. Today the desert will broil you royal, tomorrow the mountain will freeze you stiff. That's your West: violent, treacherous. Every prairie dog hole is a gold mine, every molehill is a mountain, every creek is a river and everybody you meet is a liar.

    Miss Jones: When you call me that smile, stranger.

  • Nicky: Where were you born?

    Jack Parker: Blackpool.

    Nicky: Why Blackpool?

    Jack Parker: I wanted to be near to my mother.

    Nicky: Have you lived in Blackpool all your life?

    Jack Parker: Not yet.

  • Steve Campbell: Tell me, of this list, which do you think is the odd one out? House... school... dog... cinema... church.

    Jack Parker: [after some thought] Dog.

    Steve Campbell: [smiles] Good!

    Jack Parker: 'Cause a dog wouldn't go to the cinema, would it?

    Steve Campbell: [stares at Jack for a bit, then composes himself] Which of *these* is the odd one out... Malice... jealousy... greed... envy... and... *kindness*.

    Jack Parker: [triumphantly] 'And'!

  • Les Morgan: Look at her. Look at her. She's not even listening to me. Well, I know how to wake her up.

    [Strikes a match and throws it at Nancy. She puts up a hand to protect herself]

    Jack Parker: Hey, what are you doing?

    Les Morgan: This is just a little game we play. She likes it.

    [Tosses another lit match that hits Nancy. She winces]

    Jack Parker: Oh, yeah? Well *I* don't like it!

    Les Morgan: Yeah? Well, Nancy does. Tell him. Tell him how much you like it.

    [Throws a third match at Nancy. She flinches when it hits her arm]

    Jack Parker: [rising to his feet] Quit it!

    Les Morgan: Tell him to mind his own business.

    Nancy Morgan: [looks up at Jack, cautiously] Mind your own business, Jack.

  • Jack Parker: [about Les] You could leave him.

    Nancy Morgan: He'd find me.

    Jack Parker: Change your name.

    [Nancy laughs]

    Jack Parker: Go on, pick one! Pick a new name. Pick a name, any name. Come on.

    Nancy Morgan: Oh... uh. I can't think of any.

    Jack Parker: How about Laura?

    Nancy Morgan: [laughs] Oh, God! That's worse than the one I've got!

    Jack Parker: Hey, what's wrong with your name? It's beautiful just like you are. You're beautiful.

    [cradles her face in his hands. Nancy suddenly bursts into tears]

    Jack Parker: Nancy, what's wrong?

    Nancy Morgan: [sobbing] I can't go anywhere! I don't want to go anywhere! I don't wanna go home!

    Jack Parker: Okay, you don't have to!

    Nancy Morgan: [crying more and more hysterically] I don't wanna go home! I don't wanna go home! I don't wanna go home!

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