Jack Merridew Quotes in Lord of the Flies (1990)


Jack Merridew Quotes:

  • Larry: Sir, are you the leader?

    Pablo: Jack's the oldest, but Ralph's the colonel.

    [group voices votes for Ralph]

    Jack Merridew: I guess you just won the election.

    Ralph: It doesn't matter who's in charge. We've just got to work together. First, we build a camp.

  • Jack Merridew: Right on, Larry. When you other brats get older or get hungry enough, you can come join up, too.

  • Piggy: We might have to live here for a long time! Maybe the rest of our lives! If we *are* stuck here until we get old, then we can't go on acting like kids! We've got to be sensible and make things work!

    Ralph: [looking up] No!

    [a rock is pushed off the cliff above, killing Piggy]

    Ralph: You're not gonna get away with this.

    Jack Merridew: Yeah? Well, what are you going to do, huh?

  • Jack Merridew: See you tonight, girls.

  • Jack Merridew: What won't matter?

    Piggy: Whether we get rescued

    Jack Merridew: You better start learning to live with yourself, because we ain't gonna get rescued

    Piggy: What are you talking about?

    Jack Merridew: Just being logical, a plane goes down in the middle of the ocean, theres no wreckage, who's gonna find us?

    Piggy: Why don't you just shut up!

    Jack Merridew: Are you telling me to shut up?

    Piggy: What we need around here is positive people, not people trying to scare people!

    Jack Merridew: What we don't need around here is you shitbrain!

    Sam, Twin #1: His name's not shitbrain, It's Piggy!

    Jack Merridew: Yeah Piggy!

    Ralph: Shut up! Everybody just shut up!

  • Ralph: Face it Jack, you fucked up! We could've been rescued.

    Jack Merridew: Back off man! I'm sick of your shit and so is my gang.

    Ralph: Your gang. What's that supposed to mean?

    Jack Merridew: What it means colonel, that no ones good for you and stop trying to run everything.

  • Jack Merridew: Whats this dumbshit I hear about a monster? We're gonna have to send you back to kindergarten!

    Larry: I'm serious.

    Jack Merridew: Ok what kind of monster? Did it have fur and poison fangs, or long slimy tentacles?

    Larry: It growled and it came out of me and it's mouth, it was wet.

    Luke: Maybe it was a bear.

    Roger: Sounds more like a reptile.

    Jack Merridew: Sounds more like bullshit.

  • Jack Merridew: Rodge, you okay, man? That was some jump.

    Roger: I got him. Right up his ass.

    Sam, Twin #1Eric, Twin #2PabloAndy: Up the ass!

    Will: Come on, cut it out!

    Ralph: Stop it!

    Will: You dorks, it hurt!

    Sam, Twin #1: I know it hurt.

  • Jack Merridew: Whats the matter tits! Were you afraid to bring it with you? Anyway the conch doesn't count anymore, Miss Piggy-tits!

    Ralph: Stop that!

    Jack Merridew: Nobody's interested in you and your fucking conch! Why don't you just take your fat friend and shove off! you've had all the meat you can eat. Come on hunters! Rogers the pig!

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