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Jack Griffin Quotes:

  • Jack Griffin: [Frankie knocks on his father's door] Come in. I know this is an important summer for ya, Frankie, and, uh, I'm sorry that I'm gonna miss it. I don't even know if I'm gonna be back for your birthday. So, so just in case, I, uh...

    [He presents Frankie with a goldfish swimming in a bowl]

    Jack Griffin: Happy birthday, my boy.

    Frankie: [Frankie takes the bowl] Thanks.

    Jack Griffin: You're welcome. Now, you're goin' to University, and you're gonna need spendin' money. So here's what I suggest. You get yourself a summer job.

    Frankie: Da. About University. I don't think my exams went all that well.

    Jack Griffin: Ah, Frankie, you'll be fine, you'll be terrific. I know it!

    Frankie: I been thinkin', maybe I should go away, see the world or something.

    Jack Griffin: Oh, no, Frankie. Let the world wait for you!

    Frankie: Why do *you* always get to go away?

    Jack Griffin: Well, this is something that's very important to me, Frankie. There's even, there's even talk about a film.

    Frankie: What I'm tryin' to tell ya is that I probably won't even get into college!

    Jack Griffin: Ah, you know, Frankie, I remember, when I was your age, I felt, I felt exactly the same as you.

    Frankie: So, how did you do?

    Jack Griffin: Oh, I did, I did, I did great. Great. Well, in English.

    Frankie: Da, please. I'm serious!

    Jack Griffin: I know ya are, son. Look, um, do you have anything special lined up for the summer? Do you have, um, a girlfriend, maybe?

    [He laughs a little. Frankie doesn't answer and looks away in annoyance]

    Jack Griffin: Look, Frankie, "these few precepts in thy memory keep. This above all: to thine own self be true, for it follows as the day the night, thou canst not be -"

    Frankie: [Frankie finishes the quote from Hamlet:] "not be false to any man."

    Jack Griffin: Yes.

    [He looks defeated, but looks up as Frankie turns to leave, and he says urgently:]

    Jack Griffin: Frankie! There's special instructions for feedin' that fish! You can't over-feed him, or, or he'll burst!

  • [Da, Frankie's father, returns home by having the cab driver smash through the front gate. He steps out of the car, lifts a bugle to his lips, and delivers a small toot. He calls in a Shakespearian manner]

    Jack Griffin: Come forth, my family, come forth! And see what treasures thy father has brought thee.

    [He begins pulling presents from the back seat of the car and tossing them as the kids run to him: a large orange bouncing ball, a costume hat, and the like]

    Jack Griffin: By the way, somebody has to fix the gate. Frankie! Thou looks perplexed. Place upon thy cranium this hat and go forth. Not fifth.

  • [Da returns to the cab to travel to New York. He flourishes his hat and misquotes a Shakespearian stage direction]

    Jack Griffin: And he exits, pursued by a bear.

  • [Ray has finished reading to the family a Western story he'd himself written. Da stands, and while orating he leans to pick up a toy dog with hideous orange wheels]

    Jack Griffin: Silence! As Foreman of this year's Jury, I have great pleasure in presenting you with the Golden Dog for Literature Par Excellence. Outstanding. Congratulations.

    Dawn Griffin: Bleedin' stupid.

    Jack Griffin: It is not stupid.

    Cathleen: The boy's a genius, that's all there is to it.

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