Jack Erickson Quotes in Bushwhacked (1995)


Jack Erickson Quotes:

  • Max: Now you are going to pretend to be me.

    Jack Erickson: Give yourself up boy.

    Max: Gimme that glue!

    Jack Erickson: You still have a chance to be a FINE YOUNG SCOUT!


    Jack Erickson: Top pocket.

    Max: Put your palms up

    [spits off the top of the glue and spreads glue on the wheel]

    Max: Now grab hold of the wheel.

    Jack Erickson: ARE YOU NUTS?

    Max: I said grab the wheel. Come on, I have a gun for Christ sake!

    Jack Erickson: You're going to pay for this mister

    Max: [spreads glue on top of the wheel] Now put your chin there

    Jack Erickson: You know this stuff is permanent.

    Max: Do it!

    Jack Erickson: Ohh sh... Hey! I can't drive like this!

    Max: Keep heading south and don't stop driving until you get to Mexico and I'm going to be right behind you the whole time

    [removes the rear view mirror]

    Max: Don't try any funny and I'll blow your butt off, got it?

    Jack Erickson: Yeah I got it, keep driving, no funny stuff, blow butt off.

    Max: [hesitates then answers] Right!

  • Jack Erickson: God bless those little scouts!

    Agent Palmer: What? What do you see?

    Jack Erickson: Smoke signals! Right by the book.

    Agent Palmer: Oh, yeah!

    Jack Erickson: Well, almost.

    Agent Palmer: What do they say?

    Jack Erickson: Belp! Belp!

  • Jack Erickson: Let's get vertical.

    [starts climbing]

    Agent Palmer: You expect me to climb up there with just my hands?

    Jack Erickson: That's right, dough boy, that's the way to do it.

    Agent Palmer: How about when you get to the top you throw me down a ladder?

  • Jack Erickson: You might say I'm the thin khaki line between morality and depravity.

  • Jack Erickson: That's what's wrong with this country, everybody wants it NOW.

  • Jack Erickson: I teach my kids to hunt down the goodness in life.

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