J.D. Reding Quotes in Leprechaun (1993)


J.D. Reding Quotes:

  • [Tory and her father arrive at the new house]

    Tory: Wait. This is a joke, right? This is our poor neighbors' house, and then you're gonna take us to our house.

    J.D. Reding: Never judge a book by it's cover, honey.

    Tory: Dad, this book doesn't even have a cover.

  • [Tory and her father drive in the jeep to the new house]

    Tory: Dad, I'm still depressed. I mean, come on - Here I am in New Mexico with my hick father for the whole summer.

    J.D. Reding: Hey!

    Tory: On offense, okay?

    J.D. Reding: First of all, it's not New Mexico. It's North Dakota.

    Tory: Like it matters. All I care about is it's not L.A.

  • [Tory and her father enter down into the old basement]

    Tory: Huh. Oh, great. Just when I thought this house couldn't get any worse... an old basement. Well... great place to store all the rocks and pine cones I'm going to find.

    J.D. Reding: Okay, it's a little dusty. I admit that. We'll just clean it up a little bit, splash some paint around.

    Tory: Oh, God. You'd need to splash some bulldozers around to fix this place up.

  • [Tory tells her father she can find a hotel nearby]

    J.D. Reding: You're making too big a deal out of this, honey. This is a great house, I got a great buy on it.

    Tory: Yeah, from who? Dracula? How about I get a hotel somewhere in town and you can come visit... like once a week? Hey, I'll pay for it.

    J.D. Reding: Tori, honey... you really think money's all you need to get by in this life, huh?

    Tory: [sarcastically replies with] Okay, I'll go with that theory.

  • [the father J.D Reding meets Alex and Ozzie]

    J.D. Reding: So, you boys need any help out here?

    Alex: Um. I'm afraid that our liability insurance forbids anyone but us handling the tools and equipment. But thanks for the offer.

    [the father smiles as the two walk off]

    Alex: Boy, I could go for a beer right now.

  • [Tory falls after something touches her leg from under the truck]

    Tory: [Nathan comes to check on Tory] I thought that was you rubbing my leg.

    Nathan Murphy: And you let me?

    Tory: That's not the point. Something was rubbing my leg, like caressing it. And it-it ran off over there.

    J.D. Reding: It's probably just an old possum, honey.

    Tory: No, dad. That was not an animal. I know what it feels like when a man caresses my leg.

    J.D. Reding: You do?

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