Ivory Christian Quotes in Friday Night Lights (2004)


Ivory Christian Quotes:

  • Ivory Christian: What's wrong with y'all? Y'all are playin' like some little girls! Y'all act like you never played football before! These guys are nothin'! They bleed just like we do, and sweat just like we do. They went through two-a-days. We went through two-a-days in 110 degree heat. I want you to hit everything that move! If the ref gets in your way, you hit him! They're cheatin' us too! They're against us too. This is our team. This is us! Let's go right now! Let's get it off now and let's go!

  • Coach Gary Gaines: So how is it out there?

    Ivory Christian: They're fast, they're big, they're dirty... plus they're fast.

    Coach Gary Gaines: You said that already.

  • Ivory Christian: Ya'll playing like a bunch of little girls!

  • Ivory Christian: This is our team!

  • Ivory Christian: I'll knock your ass out in flip flops.

  • Boobie Miles: Where's your girlfriend at, Water Bug?

    Chris Comer: What?

    Boobie Miles: You mean to say you have no girlfriend, Water Bug?

    Permian Assistant Coach: 5 minutes, boys.

    Boobie Miles: You want to know why you have no girlfriend, Water Bug?

    Chris Comer: Why?

    Boobie Miles: You got the wrong shoes, man!

    [Comer looks at him confused]

    Boobie Miles: You got on white Adidas! Dude, everyone knows that the shoes to wear is Nikes!

    [Boobie pronounces them as Niks]

    Boobie Miles: Adida can't hold a nickel next to Nike! Ask Ivory! Ask Preacher Man!

    Ivory Christian: It don't matter what shoes you wear, Boobie.

    Boobie Miles: C'mon, Preacher, bullshit!

    Ivory Christian: Don't matter, man.

    Boobie Miles: You know God made black beautiful. God made Boobie beautiful, black and strong...

    Don Billingsley: [to Chavez] His mouth is getting bigger and bigger and bigger.

    Boobie Miles: ...And when Boobie knocks some punks out, Boobie is going to knock them out with black Nikes on his feet, now ain't that right?

    Ivory Christian: I could knock you out in a pair of flip flops.

    Boobie Miles: Yeah, well I'm going to knock them out with black Nikes on my feet. And I'm gonna smile when I do.

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