Ivan Simanov Quotes in RED (2010)


Ivan Simanov Quotes:

  • Ivan Simanov: I owe you for killing Igor.

    Frank Moses: Igor the Butcher.

    Ivan Simanov: He was a great asset.

    Frank Moses: He was a pig.

    Ivan Simanov: He was my cousin.

    Frank Moses: Sorry.

    Ivan Simanov: [raises his glass] To Igor. The Butcher.

    Frank Moses: [raises his own] He's not dead.

    [Ivan chokes on his vodka]

    Frank Moses: I flipped him.

    Ivan Simanov: ...No.

    Frank Moses: He owns a string of 7-11s in Orange County.

    Ivan Simanov: What?

    Frank Moses: He weighs 500 pounds.

    [They laugh hysterically]

  • Ivan Simanov: [shows Frank the bullet wounds] This was done to me by the love of my life. Now she sits outside my house drinking vodka. When I woke alive, I knew she still loved me. Otherwise it would have been the head. It was big risk for her but one does crazy things for love.

  • Ivan Simanov: [sighs] I miss the old days.

    Ivan Simanov: I haven't killed anyone in years.

    Frank Moses: That's sad.

  • Ivan Simanov: [Riding in the car after everything is over. To Moses] You still owe me favor.

    Victoria: [Getting pissed off at Ivan] Oh Ivan!

    [turns to the others]

    Victoria: His timing is terrible!

    Ivan Simanov: Just a tiny little nuclear problem in Moldova.

  • Ivan Simanov: I think you are not here for the vodka.

  • Ivan Simanov: Your radiance tonight renders me almost speechless.

    Victoria: [deadpan] Almost.

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