Ivan Radovadovitch Quotes in Eddie (1996)


Ivan Radovadovitch Quotes:

  • Referee: That's no basket! Charge! Knicks win!

    Ivan Radovadovitch: Ivan take charge!

    Coach John Bailey: (to referee) You cost us the game. You stink.

  • Coach John Bailey: [during the pre-game pep talk] Let's remember we got a game to win! Where's Taylor?

    Carl Zimmer: He's praying.

    Coach John Bailey: Well, tell him to pray over here!

    Carl Zimmer: Darren!

    [Taylor joins the huddle]

    Coach John Bailey: Come on, guys, let's go! Hastings! Hastings! Wake up! If you're open, take the jumper, if not, look down low for Ivan!

    Ivan Radovadovitch: I-van.

    Coach John Bailey: Whatever.

    Ivan Radovadovitch: Ivan make basket.

    Stacy Patton: Whoa, whoa, whoa, if Stacey Patton don't shoot, Stacey Patton don't play.

    Nate Wilson: Man, quit referring to yourself in the third person and pay attention, asshole.

    Darren Taylor: Hey, man, watch the language!

    Stacy Patton: Back off, pal!

    Coach John Bailey: Hey, hey, hey, Patton, I'm not warning you again, okay?

    Ivan Radovadovitch: Ivan make basket!

    Carl Zimmer: Excusee me, Coach, I'd look for Jamal.

    Coach John Bailey: Right, right. Hey, Logo-head, what are you looking at?

    Terry Hastings: Nate, she used my tickets on her divorce lawyer.

    Coach John Bailey: Excuse me, would you mind getting in the game here?

    Referee: Hey, let's play ball.

  • Ivan Radovadovitch: Ivan make basket.

    "Wild Bill" Burgess: Well, then, Ivan make money.

  • Vlade Divac: [In Serbian, during pregame warmups] How did you do last game?

    Ivan Radovadovitch: [In Russian] Ivan make basket.

  • Ivan Radovadovitch: [Ivan is doing a commercial] Ivan learn important English words like "renegotiate," "eliminate salary cap," and "union lockout."

    [the respective words appear on screen]

    Ivan Radovadovitch: That is why I am Hooked on Phonics.

    [Ivan turns to the camera holds up a box saying "Hooked on Phonics" as the phone number appears on screen]

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