Isis Quotes in Bring It On (2000)


Isis Quotes:

  • Isis: You wanna make it right? Then when you go to Nationals... bring it. Don't slack off because you feel sorry for us. That way, when we beat you, we'll know it's because we're better.

    Torrance Shipman: Oh, I'll bring it. Don't worry.

    Isis: I never do.

  • CourtneyWhitneyDarcyKaseyMissyTorrance Shipman: [Cheering at the game] Aaaaaaalllll right! We're sweet! We got the whip, we can't be beat. We're the best, our team's too cool. We got the class to rock this school. Aww...

    IsisLavaJenelopeLafredCourtneyWhitneyDarcyKaseyMissyTorrance Shipman: [Clovers join in, humiliating the Toros] Yeah! We bad, we got the team, we can't be had. We're the best, so score them points. You win the game, we'll rock this joint!

    CourtneyWhitneyDarcyKaseyMissyTorrance Shipman: Go Toros! Go Toros! Go, go, go Toros!

    IsisLavaJenelopeLafred: Go Clovers! Go Clovers! Go, go, go Clovers!

    IsisLavaJenelopeLafredCourtneyWhitneyDarcyKaseyMissyTorrance Shipman: Our game is fierce and we are hip, so get on back, you can't touch this! Our game is bad, we're without peer, so get that weakness outta here!

    IsisLavaJenelopeLafred: Tried to steal our bit, but you look like shit! But we're the ones who are down with it!

  • Isis: Hey! Enjoy the show?

    Lava: Yes, were the ethnic festivities to your liking today?

  • Isis: Know what? She's right. See, then we'd be doing them a favor. Then they could feel good about sending raggedy Ann up here to jack us for our cheers.

    Torrance Shipman: 'Raggedy Ann'?

    Isis: Ugly redhead with a video camera permanently attached to her hand. Y'all been coming up here for years trying to steal our routines.

    Lafred: And we just love seeing them on ESPN.

    Torrance Shipman: What are you talking about?

    Isis: 'Brr, it's cold in here, there must be some Toros in the atmosphere'? I know you don't think a white girl made that shit up. Our free cheer service is over as of this moment.

    Jenelope: Over!

    Lafred: Finito!

    Isis: Every time we get some, here y'all come trying to steal it, putting some blonde hair on it and calling it something different. We've had the best squad around for years, but no one's been able to see what we can do. But you better believe, all that's gonna change this year. I'm captain, and I guarantee you we'll make it to Nationals. So just hand over the tape you made tonight, we'll call it even for now.

    Torrance Shipman: We don't have any tape.

    Missy: Really. We just came to see the show.

    Jenelope: What? Come on, Isis! Let me do this!

    Isis: You know what? Let's go.

    Jenelope: Wait a minute. So that's it? We're just gonna let them go?

    Isis: Yeah. Because unlike them, we have class.

    Torrance Shipman: I swear I had no idea.

    Isis: Well, now you do.

    Jenelope: Huh! You been touched by an angel, girl!

  • Isis: [Writing a letter] "Where we come from, 'cheer' is not a word we hear very often..."

    Lava: They should call us 'inspiration leaders' instead.

    Jenelope: Ooh, that's deep... I like that.

    Lafred: I don't know why we writin to some talk show host. It's like we begging for charity or somethin'.

    Isis: It's not charity. Pauletta Patton's from our neighborhood. She'll understand why we need the money.

    Lafred: [laughing] Tell her we need to buy doughnuts. Her big butt'll understand that.

    Jenelope: A-ha! Stop being counterproductive, a-ight?

    Lafred: Lava, please stop teaching her these big words before she choke on one.

    Jenelope: No, betta I choke you, LaFred!

  • Jenelope: We need $2,000

    Kasey: Do I have ATM tatooed on my forehead

    Isis: I was thinking d-a-d-d-y

  • Colin: Introduce me to her!

    Isis: Yes, great! Chloé? This is Colin. Colin, Chloé.

    Chloé: Hello.

    Colin: Hello.

    Colin: Chloe... Ever been played by Duke Ellington?

  • Adrian: I don't subscribe to the concept of hell.

    Isis: Oh, yes. You don't believe it exists.

    Adrian: As an actual place? No. Hell to me is more of a devolution of the mind.

    Isis: Well, I was raised Catholic which means hell has a zip code.

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