Iris Ferry Quotes in Assault on Precinct 13 (2005)


Iris Ferry Quotes:

  • Iris Ferry: I don't bed criminals, okay?


    Iris Ferry: I fuck bad boys.

  • [last lines]

    Iris Ferry: Happy New Year, Sarge.

  • Iris Ferry: I can't stop thinking about sex, I usually think about sex a lot but this is crazy

    Marion Bishop: Sex and death are very closely related, the Greeks called it Eros and Thanatos love and death, or sex as a way of nullifying thoughts of dying

  • Iris Ferry: Stalked! That's not very nice, boss.

    Jake Roenick: You're right. You're lovely and amazing and it's my honor to spend New Year's Eve with you.

    Iris Ferry: And you're a sarcastic prick, aren't ya? We're going to have a good time tonight, boss. We officially shut down and all calls are diverted, so we might as well be closed now. We can start getting fucked up real early!

    Jake Roenick: Alright, not too early. We got to start picking this shit up.

    Iris Ferry: Not much. All the computers are gone and most of the gear. Now, come on, Sarge. It's my favorite holiday. I even put on my sexy holiday boots. Even though we're here, I want to do it right.

    Jake Roenick: How could you possibly do it wrong?

  • Sgt. Jasper O'Shea: Those girls are dead.

    Iris Ferry: [Everyone looks at Jasper stunned at what happened without hope] . We don't have a God damned chance. Do we? Sarge!

    [frustrated at Jake's lack of response]

    Iris Ferry: . Sarge, God fucking damn it! The five of us can't hold them back. They're going to take out each and everyone of us. What are we suppose to do, Sarge?

    [Jake zones out as he asks himself that question]

    Iris Ferry: . What are we supposed? What the fuck are we supposed to do?

    [Everyone continues to glance at Jake as he ponders Iris's plead for help]

    Jake Roenick: [clueless and hopeless] I don't know.

    [Jake leaves the room while Jasper, Iris, and Bishop look on]

  • Iris Ferry: [holding her pack of cigarettes with helping the wounded Jake to the ambulance] . Shit! This is fucking tempting!

    [taking a cigarette out]

    Jake Roenick: [Stopping her] Uh, don't break your New Year's resolution. Eh, give me one. I didn't make that promise.

    [Iris offers him a cigarette and lights it for him]

    Jake Roenick: .

    Iris Ferry: Sergeant, I didn't even recognize you tonight. You were like a whole different other badass tough motherfucker back there, huh?


    Jake Roenick: [smiles] Ummm, think so? Yeah, well, get use to it.

    [Iris continues laughing]

    Jake Roenick: .

    Iris Ferry: Happy New Year, Sarge!

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