Iqbal Riza Quotes in American Dreamz (2006)


Iqbal Riza Quotes:

  • Omer: One and two, three and four, five, hey!

    Iqbal Riza: What are you doing?

    Omer: Nothing, nothing, I'm just rehearsing some dance steps.

    Iqbal Riza: Oh...

    Omer: Look Iqbal, I am so sorry...

    Iqbal Riza: Stop!I don't want your pity. Does it look like I need pity?

    Omer: No, no, no you have far too much dignity.

    Iqbal Riza: If these people know nothing about talent there's not much I can do about it, is there? So let's see it. Let's see your dance steps.

    Omer: Oh... alright. One and two, three and four.

    Iqbal Riza: [Iqbal waves his hand up to Omer for him to stop]

    Omer: What?

    Iqbal Riza: Oh there's no way you're going to win this thing.

    Omer: I know, I fear as much.

    Iqbal Riza: [Iqbal sighs and looks him up and down]

    [Iqbal takes Omer to his stage]

    Iqbal Riza: Get up there, up on the stage.

    Omer: Are you sure?

    Iqbal Riza: Do it! Before I change my mind. Okay, now this is just a bass track. It's good for practicing moves too.

    [Iqbal turns on the stereo]

    Omer: Mmm. I don't like this kind of music.

    Iqbal Riza: It's just a bass track! It's just for rehearsal!

    Omer: Okay...

    Iqbal Riza: [Iqbal sighs] Now one problem you have is you move like a reanimated corpse in a zombie movie. Not good, you need to loosen up. Okay, come on, let's go, free form jazz dancing. Right now, immediately.

    Omer: Iqbal, why are you helping me? I destroyed your dream.

    Iqbal Riza: Yeah, you did, but that was yesterday. Today I turned a page in a new chapter in my life. I'm not sure being a performer was ever what I was really meant for. I'm more of a behind the scenes player, a puppeteer, a svengali if you will. As of today I'm your manager.

  • Shazzy Riza: Hey Omer, want to go to the mall?

    Omer: We just went last weekend.

    Iqbal Riza: Yeah, and now we're going again.

    Omer: Why, did you forget to purchase something?

  • Iqbal Riza: She's a very freaky girl, the kind you don't bring home to mother. She's a super freak, super freak, she's super freaky. Ohhhhhhh

    Iqbal Riza: [Iqbal coughs]

    [turns and talks into the mirror]

    Iqbal Riza: Wrong, do you want this? Do you? Well than get your ass in gear!

  • Shazzy Riza: So at the mall today, I upgraded my plan to 5,000 minutes, but it's a family plan.

    Omer: Thank you auntie.

    Iqbal Riza: You should have gone to 10,000.

    Omer: Um, Iqbal.

    Iqbal Riza: Yeah.

    Omer: Something very odd happened today, it's funny really.You see, uh, these people from the American Dreamz television show came by.

    Iqbal Riza: Yeah?

    Omer: And uh...

    Iqbal Riza: And?

    Omer: And uh, I was using your stage and they heard me singing and they wanted me to be on the show.

    Omer: Mmmmm.

    Iqbal Riza: I'm sorry , did you say that they want YOU to sing on the show?

    Omer: Mm huh, isn't that amusing.

    Shazzy Riza: Holy crap!

    Nazneen Riza: Shazzy.

    Ali Aziz: Congratulations Omer!

    Omer: Thankyou!

    Iqbal Riza: Congratulations Omer! That's what you have to say Congratulations Omer! Do you know how hard I worked to get on this show? You stole my dream!

    Omer: I'm so sorry, I told them, I told them they had made a mistake, but do not worry. I will simply refuse to be on the television show, yes, yes and then they must take you instead.

    Iqbal Riza: They don't want me. Nobody want's me!

    Nazneen Riza: Nonsense sweetheart, we all love you.

    Iqbal Riza: Is that going to make me famous? I don't think so!

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