Inspector Koichi Zenigata Quotes in Rupan sansei (1978)


Inspector Koichi Zenigata Quotes:

  • Inspector Koichi Zenigata: You can die a hundred more times, it doesn't change a thing. As long as there are either one of you left, I'll keep following you throught the gates of hell!

  • Inspector Koichi Zenigata: That bum! That rat! He's the real one, all right! So he's still alive, really and truly alive! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I won't die until I get him! I'll never give up! I'll follow you down to Hell, and I'll engrave my name on all your stupid bones!

  • [Zenigata discovers Lupin's body in a crypt]

    Inspector Koichi Zenigata: Who do you think you are, Count Dracula? Well, I read the book, and Dracula gets his in the end, just like you're gonna get yours. Here! Let me treat you a nice "stake" dinner!

    [stakes the corpse, which promptly explodes]

  • Arsene Lupin III: Why, Detective Zenigata! Long time no see, Old Man.

    Inspector Koichi Zenigata: Lupin! You're dead! Wait a second, that stiff in the coffin, that was you, right?

    Arsene Lupin III: So they say. I'm a little confused myself.

    Inspector Koichi Zenigata: They guaranteed that you were deader than a doornail! There wasn't a shadow of a doubt!

    Arsene Lupin III: It's news to me. Frankly, I've never felt better in my life.

    Inspector Koichi Zenigata: Well, just hold still a second and we can fix that!

    [swings a piece of wood at Lupin, who dodges, commencing a chase. By the time Zenigata catches up, Lupin has already reached his escape vehicle]

    Arsene Lupin III: Hate to cut this short, but dead or alive, I think it's time I got out of here. Now don't forget to write!

    [takes off]

    Inspector Koichi Zenigata: Ya little...! I'll be writing "REST IN PEACE" on your tombstone when I'm done with you! That lousy little thief, I knew he was still alive! HAHAHAHAHAHA! You had everyone else falling for it! Not Zenigata! This is one detective you can't shake that easily! This is one guy who will dog your every step to the very gates of Hell!

  • Arsene Lupin III: I don't believe it!

    Inspector Koichi Zenigata: [laughing] Serves you right, lover boy!

    Arsene Lupin III: Shall we?

    Inspector Koichi Zenigata: Let's go, buddy!

  • Inspector Koichi Zenigata: Hey! You two keep your immorality away from me! Hey! Absolutely no way! Aye yi yi no, don't what the...

  • Inspector Koichi Zenigata: It doesn't matter if you die a hundred times, that's not the point! As long as Lupin exists, I'm obliged to pursue him.

  • Inspector Koichi Zenigata: Lupin you should get arrested in the country Arsene Lupin it would promote friendly relations between France and Japan!

  • Arsene Lupin III: Aye yi yi she's awful.

    Inspector Koichi Zenigata: That's how women are!

    Arsene Lupin III: Pops!

    Inspector Koichi Zenigata: So, let's get away for now!

  • Inspector Koichi Zenigata: Ah son of a bitch!

    Arsene Lupin III: Hey Pops, take it easy, exercise can be awfully dangerous at your age ya know!

    Inspector Koichi Zenigata: Shut up you!

  • Inspector Koichi Zenigata: Lupin! Lupin! Don't you know you're supposed to be dead?

    Arsene Lupin III: So it seems, and that's what's been troubling me.

  • Inspector Koichi Zenigata: Get back here! LUPIN! What the hell are you up to?

    Arsene Lupin III: Oh, I'd say... at least several hundred feet, with any luck. See ya!

    [takes off]

    Inspector Koichi Zenigata: What the hell? Hey! HEY!

    Arsene Lupin III: [chuckles] Bye! Catch you later!

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