Innkeeper Quotes in Pippi in the South Seas (1970)


Innkeeper Quotes:

  • Blod-Svente: [entering the Inn after Pippi has thrown two pirates out the window] Where's Pedro?

    Innkeeper: [points towards the broken window] Pedro fly out that way.

    Blod-Svente: And Franco?

    Innkeeper: [points towards the other window] Franco fly out that way.

    Jocke med kniven: Have they turned into homing pigeons?

  • Innkeeper: After great effort, I, Hercules Schneider, have found you the only carriage in Petsh. Of course, the horses may not be the best in the world...

    Countess Mathilde: Can they walk?

    Innkeeper: Oh, yes, Madam!

    Countess Mathilde: That's all that's necessary. Point them to Paris and start them moving.

    Innkeeper: Tonight, madam?

    Countess Mathilde: Certainly, tonight!

    Innkeeper: But it's dark!

    Countess Mathilde: You don't say. It usually is at night.

  • [first lines]

    Doctor: No point in me staying here any longer. Keep her warm. If she recovers consciousness, give her a little brandy.

    Innkeeper: And if she doesn't, doctor?

    Doctor: Send for the priest.

    Innkeeper: Oh God.

    Doctor: Nothing more I can do.

  • Innkeeper: Ooh...

    [Minami hides his privates between his legs]

    Innkeeper: There's no need to hide something as fine and dandy as that!

  • Dr. King Schultz: Good morning, inn keeper. Two beers for two weary travelers!

    Innkeeper: [while busy fixing a lamp bulb in the diner] Ah, it's still a bit early. We won't be open for another hour. By then, we'll be servin' breakfast-

    [the innkeeper turns around and sees Schultz with Django; he gasps frantically]

    Innkeeper: Whoa, whoa, WHOA, WHOA!

    [to Django]

    Innkeeper: What the hell you think you're doing, boy?

    [to Schultz]

    Innkeeper: Get that nigger outta here!

    [the innkeeper is then shown running outside]

    Innkeeper: Help! HELP!

    Dr. King Schultz: [Schultz runs after him] Innkeeper... innkeeper! Remember, get the sheriff, not the marshal!

    Innkeeper: [as he is running through the town] Sheriff! Help!

    Dr. King Schultz: [Schultz returns to the inn and shrugs to Django] Alas! Now we must act as our own bartender. Sit down, my boy.

    [Django sits at the table while Schultz goes to the bar to prepare two glasses of beer]

  • Innkeeper: [Humorously to Gil and Lana about Caldwell] ... and that patch over his eye - I bet he lost it trying to see something that was none of his business.

  • Innkeeper: Castle Dracula?

    Renfield: Yes. That's where I'm going.

    Innkeeper: To the castle?

    Renfield: Yes.

    Innkeeper: No. You musn't go there. We people of the mountains believe in the castle there are vampires. Dracula and his wives - they take the form of wolves and bats. They leave their coffins at night and they feed on the blood of the living.

  • Innkeeper: This is your card, right?

    Rachel Keller: That's it.

  • [first lines]

    Innkeeper: I'm sorry gentleman and lady, but it will be best for you to stay here tonight.

    Ronnie - Englishman at Inn: Come now, my good man. You can't frighten us. We've been over your foul roads before.

    Innkeeper: Please, you do not understand. It is not the road. It is the darkness. Here, our doors are protected with bat thorns.

    Ronnie's Wife: What is with all this bat thorn business?

    Innkeeper: It keeps them out. They're afraid of it, the demons of the castle.

  • Dr. J. Doskil: [nervously] I admit I was a bit impatient... I mean hungry for one of your wonderful meals.

    Innkeeper: Yes, the vampires are hungry too for their supper!

  • Coach Driver: His radiant excellency, personal physician to his majesty, the King. Traveling with his august aide. His radiant excellency is cockeyed. They've been tippling at every tavern.

    Innkeeper: Tippling? They've toppled?

  • Coach Driver: We're changing horses, your excellency. Why not rest here?

    King's Physician: I know, but, the Duke is expecting me.

    Innkeeper: When the horses are ready, they'll blow the tally ho.

    King's Physician: Oh, the tally ho!

  • Innkeeper: How long was you in for ?

    Gary Hamilton: 10 years

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