Inman Quotes in Cold Mountain (2003)


Inman Quotes:

  • Inman: [to Ada] If you could see my inside, or whatever you want to name it; my spirit, that's what I fear. I think I'm ruined. They kept trying to put me in the ground but I wasn't ready. But if I had... if I had goodness, I lost it. If I had anything tender in me, I shot it dead! How could I write to you after what I'd done? What I'd seen?

  • Inman: Ada, I wanna marry you. If you'll have me.

    Ada: Isn't there some religion where you just say I marry you, three times, and then you're man and wife?

    Inman: I marry you, I marry you, I marry you.

    [Ada laughs]

    Inman: Why is that funny?

    Ada: No, I think it's I divorce you three times and then you're not married anymore.

    [Ada laughs]

    Inman: I can wait for ya.

    Ada: Oh, Inman, I marry you, I marry you, I marry you, I marry you, I marry you.

    [Ada and Inman kiss]

    Ada: I have so... I have so many buttons, is that alright? Will you turn your back?

    [Inman turns his back but then he turns back around]

    Inman: Nope. No, I will not.

  • Inman: You are all that keeps me from sliding into some dark place.

    Ada: But how did I keep you? We barely knew each other. A few moments.

    Inman: A thousand moments. They're like a bag of tiny diamonds glittering in a black heart. Don't matter if they're real or things I made up. The shape of your neck, that's real. You were always carrying a tray.

    Ada: You wouldn't come inside.

    Inman: I wouldn't come inside.

    Ada: I had to carry a tray to come out and see you.

    Inman: The way you felt when I pulled you to me. That kiss- which I kissed again everyday of my walking.

    Ada: Everyday of my waiting...

  • Veasey: Oh God of my God! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

    Junior: What's up?

    Veasey: The Israelites! The tribes of Israel are about to flee from the banks of Egypt! Hallelujah!

    Inman: He's got a shit coming on. It's overdue.

  • Inman: I imagine God is weary of being called down on both sides of an argument.

  • Ada: Hello, I'm Ada Monroe.

    Inman: I'm Inman.

    Ada: Inman?

    Inman: W.P. Inman.

    Ada: [repeats it] W.P. Inman.

    Inman: Repeating a thing doesn't improve it.

  • Inman: But I'm a deserter. If they find me here things could get bad for you.

    Maddy: What are they gonna do? Cut short me young life?

  • Blind Man: Gettin' better, soldier?

    Inman: Seems that way.

    Blind Man: I wouldn't hurry. The war's almost done.Don't need your help to lose it.


    Inman: Been meanin' to ask you, where'd you take your wound?

    Blind Man: Oh, before I was born. Never set eyes on a thing in this world. Not a tree, a gun, or a woman. Put my hand on all three, though.

  • Inman: She's the place I'm heading. But I hardly know her. I just can't seem to get back to her.

  • Inman: I came back for you.

  • Inman: I ain't getting shot again for some cause I don't believe in.

  • Inman: Come out of there.

    Bosie: No, sir. Here's fine.

    Inman: I'll just have to shoot the horse from under you.

    Bosie: Shoot her. She's not mine. You riding Mr. Teague's animal?

    Inman: I am.

    Bosie: He dead?

    Inman: I hope so. Look, how old are you? Give me your gun and ride home, I'm done fighting. I'm sick of it.

    Bosie: I give you my gun and you'll shoot me dead.

    Inman: I will not shoot you, but nor am I walking down that mountain looking over my shoulder for you.

    Bosie: That's what you call a conundrum. I tell you what I've got on my side.

    Inman: What have you got on your side?

    Bosie: The confidence of youth.

  • [Veasey finds a saw]

    Veasey: Hey! Look at this! This is a good saw.

    Inman: It's not yours. You take it, you make us another enemy. You are a Christian- don't you know your commandments?

    Veasey: You'll find the good Lord very flexible on the subject of property. We could do a lot with this saw...

  • Sara: I'm alone here, as you can see, with my baby. I need to believe you mean no harm.

    [Inman takes out his gun]

    Inman: No, I mean to give it to you.

    Sara: I don't want it. If I had my way they'd take metal altogether out of this world. Every blade, every gun.

  • Ruby: Have you been shot?

    Inman: Not lately.

  • Inman: This doesn't come out right. If it were enough to stand, without the words.

    Ada: It is, it is.

    Inman: Look at the sky now. What color is it? Or the way a hawk flies. Or you wake up and your ribs are bruised thinking so hard on somebody. What do you call that?

  • Inman: I'm wetter than a fish.

  • Inman: [in bed with Sara] Thing is, I love someone. I love someone very much.

  • Inman: I've had to put myself in the way of people's kindness.

  • Ada: Did you get a picture made?

    Inman: Say again?

    Ada: A tintype, with your gun and courage on display.

    Inman: You're laughing at me.

    Ada: I don't know you.

    Inman: You're always carrying a tray.

  • Inman: [to Veasey] I should have shot you when I had the chance.

    Veasey: Please yourself. I'm just being a Christian.

  • Inman: Move away from the baby!

    Bardolph: Don't shoot.

    Inman: Take off your boots. Take off your pants and your shirt.

    [Bardolph takes off his boots, pants, and shirt]

    Bardolph: Don't shoot me, please. We're starving. We haven't eaten.

    Inman: You'd better get running before you catch your death of cold.

    Bardolph: Thanks, thank you. I will.

    [Bardolph starts to run, and then Sara shoots him]

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