Injun Joe Quotes in Tom and Huck (1995)


Injun Joe Quotes:

  • Injun Joe: [Injun Joe's about to stab Tom]

    Huck Finn: HEY!

    [kicks Injun Joe]

    Injun Joe: I know you.

    Tom Sawyer: [Huck pushes Tom behind him] Huck...

    Injun Joe: You're Pap Finn's boy... Blueberry.

    Huck Finn: Huckleberry.

    Injun Joe: Your daddy was the best knife fighter on the Mississippi. Did he teach you?

    Huck Finn: He taught me.

    Injun Joe: Ahhh then let's see what you got, river trash.


    Huck Finn: [pulls out knife] I ain't river trash!

    Injun Joe: Come on!

    Huck Finn: [Huck swings knife, Injun Joe dodges]

    Injun Joe: [Injun Joe slams Huck into wall]

    Huck Finn: [small yelp]

    Injun Joe: You got guts boy. And in a minute they're gonna be on the ground.

    Tom Sawyer: Let's see ya hit this!

    Injun Joe: [turns around]

    Tom Sawyer: [holds chest over the hole]

    Injun Joe: NOOOOOO!

  • Joe Harper: He sold it to Doug Tanner - No, wait. Mickey Douglas got the marble from his cousin in St. Louis... who traded it to Alfred Temple, who sold it to... Johnny Miller. No, wait. Alfred sold it to -

    [Injun Joe picks him up by his collar]

    Injun Joe: Just tell me who owned it last, boy.

    Joe Harper: Tom Sawyer owned it last. But it don't matter now,'cause now Tom's dead.

    Injun Joe: That's too bad. I'm so sad.

    [Drops Joe, who runs to the church]

    Injun Joe: Yeah, that's it. Run, fat boy! Run!

  • Injun Joe: Sorry to interrupt. My name is Joe. What's your name?

    Joe Harper: Joe.

    Injun Joe: That's pretty interesting man. We got the same name, we're in the same car... that's life I guess, three meals a day and funny moments like these.

    Joe Harper: You're... you're Injun Joe.

    Injun Joe: Some people call me that.

    Joe Harper: Why do they call you that if you're not even native american?

    Injun Joe: I guess I just identify with the culture and the aesthetic.

    Joe Harper: Isn't that kind of racist?

    Injun Joe: How is it racist to want to be more like another race?

  • Injun Joe: I'm gonna kill you, Tom Sawyer. I'm gonna kill you! You'll never get out of here alive. Do you hear me? You'll never get out of here alive!

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