Ingrid Quotes in Cobra (1986)


Ingrid Quotes:

  • Ingrid: Do you ever get involved?

    Marion Cobretti: With a woman?

  • Carmen: Okay, Mom, if you want information, just go straight to the source.

    Carmen: [she taps some keys and "Welcome to the Pentagon" appears]

    Ingrid: How did you do that? You can't - You cannot do that. There is no hacking in this household!

    Carmen: [Carmen taps another key and disconnects]

    Carmen: I know. Sorry.

    Ingrid: [sighs]

    Ingrid: Show me that again.

  • [Felix has betrayed the Cortezes, the family he was assigned to protect, by taking the Transmooker from them]

    Carmen: Uncle Felix, how could you?

    Felix Gumm: I'm not your uncle!

    Ingrid: But we treated you like family.

    Felix Gumm: Donnagan said that if I join with him, he won't get rid of me like he's going to get rid of you.

  • Donnagon Giggles: Well, Cortezes, any last words?

    Ingrid: None that I can say in front of my children.

    Grandmother: Not to mention your mother.

  • Ingrid: Do what I taught you last night... Suplex.

  • Nick Alexander: Now, Ms. Harding, this will only take a few minutes.

    Ingrid: What's happening?

    Nick Alexander: The Algerian Commandos are going to break into the plane.

    Ingrid: Oh no, don't. All the hostages in Beirut, they'll kill them all.

    Nick Alexander: What hostages?

    Ingrid: The guys from the navy and all the Jews they took off the plane when the other hijackers came on.

    Nick Alexander: [panicked] What other hijackers?

    Ingrid: All those men who came on board, 10 or 12 of them.

    Nick Alexander: God! All sections! All sections!

  • Ingrid: [to Duke] You want what you can't have. I mean you're always hammering on that locked door.

  • Ingrid: [to Duke] This coffee's gonna take a little while. You want to make love to me now?

  • Ingrid: I like the movie where you have a baby's body.

    George Simmons: So you like Re-Do.

  • Ira Wright: [while watching Yo, Teach with Laura's kids] Do you guys even like this show?

    MableIngrid: No.

    Mable: It's the worst show ever.

    Ira Wright: Good.

  • Ingrid: Hilde, the spool is smoking!

  • Ingrid: I left a piece of skin in a movie theater once so it could watch movies all its life.

  • Malcolm: Paul apologizes for not coming. She's still getting the house ready.

    Margot: I'm sorry it was such short notice.

    Malcolm: I don't care. Paul's frantic, but I don't give a shit. Oh, and Ingrid wants me to tell you that she made us all bracelets.

    Ingrid: No, I said we should wait.

    Malcolm: I thought you asked me to tell them. Anyways, I got Knicks colours.

    Ingrid: They're not Knicks colours!

    Margot: It's beautiful, Ingrid.

    Ingrid: Where's your dad and Josh?

    Claude: They might come later.

    Margot: Josh's spring break is next week, and then Jim teaches through Friday. Then he opens the house in Vermont on the weekend.

    Malcolm: It means a lot to Pauline that you came.

    Margot: Good.

    Malcolm: [swerving to avoid a car] Holy Jesus! Watch it, dicksack! God! If you're wondering about the mustache...

    Margot: No, I wasn't.

    Malcolm: I had a full beard for a while, and then when I shaved it I left this part for last, you know, to see how it looked. And... it's meant to be funny.

  • Ingrid: Oh, my God. This place is beyond its normal grotesque. It's post-nuclear.

  • Ingrid: Who pays your bills?

    Molly Gunn: [Waves hand dismissively] Bob.

    Ingrid: Bob who?

    Molly Gunn: I don't know. My parents' guy Bob.

  • Ingrid: [Reading Molly's resume] "Dear prospective employer, although I've had no previous employment, ever, the following is a partial but significant list of personal recommendations, including contact information. The Dalai Lama, Tibet?"

  • Ingrid: Tibet is a country, Molly, not contact information. Why not add "Earth" in case someone needs to know where Tibet is? This is not a resumé!

    Molly Gunn: [Shrugs] It shows I'm a people person.

  • [first lines]

    Ingrid: You know, I thought I maybe drive into town. You want something?

    Jack: No.

  • Ingrid: Don't attach yourself to anyone who shows you the least bit of attention because you're lonely. Loneliness is the human condition. No one is ever going to fill that space. The best you can do is know yourself... know what you want.

  • Astrid: How long were you gone?

    Ingrid: About a year, give or take a few months.

    Astrid: My God.

    Ingrid: You're not asking the right question. Don't ask me why I left. Ask me why I came back.

    Astrid: You should have been sterilized.

    Ingrid: I could have left you there, but I didn't. Don't you understand? For once, I did the right thing! When I came back, you knew me. You were sitting by the door, and you looked up, and you reached for me. It was as if you had been waiting for me all along.

    Astrid: I was always waiting for you, mother. That's the constant in my life. Waiting for you. Will you come back? Will you forget that you tied me in front of a store or left me on a bus?

    Ingrid: Are you still waiting?

    Astrid: No. I stopped when Claire showed me what it felt like to be loved. What did you think, that I would amuse you? That's what babies are like, mother. What'd you think? We'd exchange thoughts on Joseph Brodsky?

    Ingrid: I thought Klaus and I would live happily ever after. That's what I thought, Adam and Eve in a vine-covered shack. I must have been out of my mind.

    Astrid: You were in love with him.

    Ingrid: YES, I was in love with him. ALRIGHT? I was in love with him, and baby makes three, and all that crap!

    Astrid: Then why did you leave him? Why did you leave him?

    Ingrid: I didn't leave him! He left me. You wanna know about your father? He left us when you were six months old for another woman, and I never saw him again until he showed up looking for you when you were eight years old.

    Astrid: He came to see me?

    Ingrid: Yes, he came to see you but it was a little late, wasn't it? Why should I let him see you after what he did to me?

    Astrid: Because it wasn't about you! It was about me, and I wanted to see him! My whole life, I've wanted to see him. That decision was MINE, not yours. Everything's always been about you, never about me. I knew you were gonna kill Barry, but you didn't even care. You didn't give a damn about what that would do to me. I'll say whatever Susan wants me to say, but I gotta get outta here.

    Ingrid: No! No, no, no. You don't just walk away from me. I made you, I'm in your blood. You don't go anywhere until I let you go!

    Astrid: Then let me go. You look at me and you don't like what you see, but this is the price, mother. The price of belonging to you.

    Ingrid: If I could, I'd take it all back. I would.

    Astrid: Then tell me you don't want me to testify. Tell me you don't want me like this. Tell me you would sacrifice the rest of your life to have me back the way I was.

  • Ingrid: Love humiliates you. Hatred cradles you.

  • Astrid: There's nothing wrong with being a Christian.

    Ingrid: Are you out of your mind? How did this happen? I raised you, not a pack of Bible-thumping trailer trash. I raised you to think for yourself.

    Astrid: No you didn't. You raised me to think like you.

  • Ingrid: I made you. I'm in your blood. You don't go anywhere until I let you go

    Astrid: Then let me go

  • Ingrid: Of course I was jealous. I live in a cell with a women who has a vocabulary of 25 words.

  • Ingrid: You don't go anywhere until I let you go.

    Astrid: Then let me go.

  • Ingrid: [Talking to a police officer concerning Brad Macallam's actions] I'm his fiancee, I think I can help!

  • Ingrid: He still thought about the quote: 'How one man's hate could unite us all in love'.

  • Vic: Who named you Ingrid?

    Ingrid: My mum. She named me after Ingrid Bergman. She was in "For whom the bells tolls", it is her favorite movie, and it came out the year I was born.

    Vic: It's an unusual name for an English girl.

    Ingrid: I guess, if I'd been a boy, she would have named me after Gary Cooper.

  • Ingrid: Vic, I need to talk to you.

    [he hesitates]

    Vic: Are you sure?

    Ingrid: Yes. One has a way to know these things.

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