Infirmary Doctor Quotes in Magnum Force (1973)


Infirmary Doctor Quotes:

  • Infirmary Doctor: [stitching up Harry's head] Sure you don't want a local for this, Harry? Takes about seven stitches.

    Harry Callahan: No, thanks.

    Infirmary Doctor: Ok, it's your ass...

    Harry Callahan: My head, the cut's on my head.

    Infirmary Doctor: Why does everybody suddenly become a comedian in here?

    Lieutenant Briggs: [comes in with Captain Avery] Does he have to stay in here?

    Infirmary Doctor: No, I could stop and let the man's brains run out all over his shoes.

    Captain Avery: Rogers, I don't need to have a doctor display that kind of attitude. A police officer is dead.

    Infirmary Doctor: Sorry.

    Lieutenant Briggs: I got those warrants for a search of the premises, Callahan, not for you to become judge, jury and executioner. It was supposed to be a simple arrest.

    Harry Callahan: Well arresting a killer like Palancio isn't always simple.

    Lieutenant Briggs: People are guilty until proven... I mean... goddamnit, you know what I mean. This city is on the verge of the worst criminal violence in it's history, and you have to start full scale military operations.

    Harry Callahan: I didn't start shooting at anyone that didn't start shooting at me first.

    Captain Avery: Every time you pull out that gun, my paperwork backs up for three goddamn months! The chief and I have already conferred on this matter, Callahan - a full investigation is warranted here.

    [turns and leaves]

    Lieutenant Briggs: [nodding repeatedly, obviously upset] What about a dead cop? I warned you against taking them.

    Harry Callahan: Sweet was killed with the first shot. Besides, they were tipped off. They knew we were coming, Briggs.

    Lieutenant Briggs: How? Don't hand me that crap.

    Harry Callahan: I'm telling you, they knew we were coming. After 200 arrests, I know the difference!

    Lieutenant Briggs: If I have my way, Callahan, you won't make another arrest as long as you live.

    Harry Callahan: [contemptous] Is that all, lieutenant?

    Lieutenant Briggs: No, that's not all. I want that slug you showed me.

    Harry Callahan: I ran that through ballistics, it was nothing, the rifling was totally different.

    Lieutenant Briggs: It's still state's evidence, I want it anyway.

    Harry Callahan: [takes it out and throws it at Briggs] Eat it!

    [the bullet hits Briggs in the chest and drops to the floor]

    Harry Callahan: [Briggs bends down to get it and then slowly gets back up glaring at Harry]

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