Immigration Officer #2 Quotes in Scarface (1983)


Immigration Officer #2 Quotes:

  • Immigration Officer #2: So where's your old man now?

    Tony Montana: He dead. He die. Sometime. Somewhere.

    Immigration Officer #2: Mother?

    Tony Montana: She dead too.

    Immigration Officer #1: What kind of work you do in Cuba, Tony?

    Tony Montana: Ah, you know, things. I was, uh - This, that. Construction business. I work a lot with my hands. I was in the army.

    Immigration Officer #1: Any family in the States, Tony? Any cousins, brother-in-law, anybody?

    Tony Montana: Nobody. Everybody's dead.

    Immigration Officer #1: You ever been to jail, Tony?

    Tony Montana: Me? Jail? No way. No.

    Immigration Officer #1: Been in a mental hospital?

    Tony Montana: Oh, yeah. On the boat coming over.

  • Immigration Officer #1: Okay, so what do you call yourself? ¿Cómo se llama?

    Tony Montana: Antonio Montana. And you, what you call yourself?

    Immigration Officer #2: Where'd you learn to speak the English, Tony?

    Tony Montana: Uh, in a school. And my father, he was, uh, from the United States. Just like you, ya know? He was a Yankee. Uh, he used to take me a lot to the movies. I learn. I watch the guys like Humphrey Bogart, James Cagney. They, they teach me to talk. I like those guys. I always know one day I'm comin' here, United States.

  • Immigration Officer #1: What about homosexuality, Tony? You like men, huh? You like to dress up like a woman?

    Tony Montana: What the fuck is wrong with this guy, man? He kidding me or what?

    Immigration Officer #2: Just answer the questions, Tony!

    Tony Montana: Okay. No. Okay? Fuck no!

  • [Immigration officers are putting Tanya and Artyom into police cars to transport them to Stonehaven]

    Artyom: Kuda on nas vedet, mam? On chto, khochet chtoby ya polez tuda v yego mashinu? Ya ne polezu nikuda v yego mashinu. (Where are they taking us, mom? He wants me to get in his car? I'm not getting in his car.)

    Tanya: Zalez', pozhaluysta. (Get in, please.)

    Artyom: Ne polezu. (I'm not getting in.)

    Tanya: Sidi! (Sit!)

    Artyom: Chego on khochet ot nas? Chego on khochet ot nas? (What does he want with us? What does he want with us?)

    Tanya: Artyom! Vernis' seychas zhe! (Artyom! Come back here, now!)

    Artyom: Ya ne polezu tuda! Du-du-du-du-du-du... Da ot"yebis' ot menya! Ot"yebis', ya tebe skazal! Durak, kozel! (I'm not getting in there. Du-du-du-du-du-du... Get away from me. Get away, I told you. You stupid goat!)

    Tanya: Artyom! (Artyom!)

    Artyom: Ottsepis' ot menya! (Let me go!)

    Tanya: Artyom, ty chto, s uma soshel? Prekrati! Ty slyshish'? Slushay menya, Artyom. Ya im skazala, chto my bezhentsy, poetomu my ostayemsya seychas v Anglii, potomu chto Mark ne priyekhal nas ne vstretil. U nas net drugogo vykhoda, no ya uverena... (Artyom, what's wrong with you, have you gone crazy? Stop this! Do you hear? Listen to me, Artyom. I told them that we're refugees, so we can stay in England; because Mark didn't come to meet us. We don't have another way, but I'm sure... )

    Immigration Officer 1: Is there a problem? Come on, love.

    Tanya: [To immigration officers] One minute please. It's very important. Let me speak with him.

    Immigration Officer 2: I'm sorry. No go.

    Tanya: Yes.

    [To Artyom]

    Tanya: Ty vidish', chto tvorit'sya? Luchshe ya tebe v mashine vse ob"yasnyu, khorosho? Ya uverena, chto vse pravil'no. Bud' moim drugom, da? Pover' mne. Dover'sya mne, da? (Do you see what's going on? It's better if I explain everything to you in the car, OK? I'm sure all of this is all right. Be my friend, OK? Believe me. Trust me, OK?)

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