Imad Quotes in Kingdom of Heaven (2005)


Imad Quotes:

  • Saladin: Who defends?

    Imad: Balian of Ibelin, the son of Godfrey.

    Saladin: Godfrey? Godfrey nearly killed me in the Lebanon. Truly, I did not know he had a son.

    Imad: It was his son at Kerak.

    Saladin: The one you let live?

    Imad: Yes.

    Saladin: Perhaps you should not have.

    Imad: Perhaps I should have had a different teacher.

  • Imad: Your quality will be known among your enemies, before ever you meet them.

  • Imad: [a Saracen knight yells at Balian in Arabic] He says, that is his horse.

    Balian of Ibelin: Why would it be his horse?

    Imad: Because it is on his land.

    Balian of Ibelin: I took this horse from the sea.

    Imad: [Imad translates, the knight yells again] He says you are a great liar and he will fight you because you are a liar.

    Balian of Ibelin: I have no desire to fight.

    Imad: Then you must give him the horse.

    [Balian draws his sword]

  • Imad: This is not a very good horse... I will not keep him.

    [he hands the reins to Balian]

  • Mullah: [the mullah pays a visit to Saladin in his tent after the battle at Kerak] Why did we retire? Why? God did not favor them. God alone determines the results of battles.

    Saladin: The results of battles ARE determined by God, but also by preparation, numbers, the absence of disease, and the availability of water. One cannot maintain a siege with the enemy behind. How many battles did God win for the Muslims before I came... that is, before God determined that I should come?

    Mullah: Few enough. That's because we were sinful.

    Saladin: It is because you were unprepared.

    Mullah: If you think that way, you shall not be king for long.

    Saladin: [Saladin rises to his feet] When I'm not king, I quake for Islam. Thank you for your visit.

    [the mullah does not budge; Saladin takes a step forward and extends his hand]

    Saladin: Thank you for your visit.

    [the mullah takes his meaning and grasps the offered hand]

    Mullah: You promised. You promised to return Jerusalem. Don't forget.

    [he leaves]

    Saladin: If I do not deliver war, I have no peace.

    Imad: The King of Jerusalem will die soon. When he is dead, the boy will become king of a kingdom he cannot control. The Christians will make the war you need.

  • Imad: [discussing how to break Jerusalem's defenses] The wall where the Christopher Gate used to be has been weakened.

    Saracen Engineer: Yes, usually when a gate is blocked in, it is weaker than the wall around it.

    Mullah: Or stronger.

    Imad: It is weaker, Rashid has seen it. This will be our door into Jerusalem.

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