Ilya Kazak Quotes in Fair Game (1995)


Ilya Kazak Quotes:

  • [Kazak has captured Kate]

    Ilya Kazak: When I ran the KGB out of Cuba, I helped some... politically incorrect people hide billions of dollars in various Free World accounts, but I kept the account numbers. Magic numbers. Now, your client's husband, may he rest in peace, knew the secrets of banking, while I knew the secrets of phone lines. A match made in heaven. So when the time was right I could use those magic numbers and HELP MYSELF! But then you had to come along and FUCK IT UP!

  • [Max has called his cousin Jodi and got the answering machine]

    Ilya Kazak: [on the machine] Hello. You have reached the number of Detective Kirkpatrick's meddling relative. Cousin Jodi cannot answer the phone right now, but if you wish to leave a message, please contact your nearest psychic.

    [scream from Jodi, gunshot]

    Ilya Kazak: Dosvedanya to you, *asshole*!

  • Ilya Kazak: [after Juantorena failed to kill Kate with the home explosion] I'm getting most annoyed by your petty incompetence.

    Emilio Juantorena: Hey, you seem to forget you tap phones for a living, I tap banks!

    [Kazak cocks his .45]

    Emilio Juantorena: If it wasn't for me you'd be stuck in Havana pulling bananas out of your ass!

    Emilio Juantorena: [realizes a gun is pointed at his head] Oh, what. You're going to shoot me.

    Ilya Kazak: Yes.

    [shoots him]

    Ilya Kazak: You! You know how to use a computer as well as him.

    Zhukov: DA!

  • [confronting Kazak on the Tortuga]

    Max Kirkpatrick: You killed my partner, my cousin, my crew...

    Ilya Kazak: [mockingly] Ssssssorry.

    Max Kirkpatrick: You really have no conscience, do you?

    Ilya Kazak: Oh, I can't afford the luxury of a conscience.

    [to his guards]

    Ilya Kazak: Kill him!

  • Ilya Kazak: When did she become a 'they'?

    Rosa: She is with the cop. And he's very good. He took out our whole goddamn team!

  • [Max is on the phone with a convenience store clerk and Ilya Kazak]

    Max Kirkpatrick: Why don't you drop that bullshit American accent.

    Ilya Kazak: [sounding American] I don't know what you mean.

    Max Kirkpatrick: Dosvedanya, Asshole!

    Convenience Store Clerk: Dosve... WHAT!

    Ilya Kazak: [normal voice] Dosvedanya, Asshole?

    Convenience Store Clerk: Yo man, fuck YOU and fuck whoever ELSE on the phone!

    [hangs up]

    Ilya Kazak: Clever BASTARD!

    [hangs up]

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