Ilsa Faust Quotes in Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation (2015)


Ilsa Faust Quotes:

  • Benji Dunn: Well, how long will it take to free swim from the intake to the service hatch?

    Ilsa Faust: Two minutes, with the current at full power.

    Benji Dunn: Then you just have to hold your breath for two minutes.

    Ethan Hunt: What about installing the security profile?

    Benji Dunn: Well, that's gonna be, like, a minute, tops.

    Ethan Hunt: So I have to hold my breath for *three* minutes.

    Benji Dunn: [cavalierly] You can do that.

    Ilsa Faust: What I think you're overlooking is the physical exertion. The more you exert yourself, the faster you consume oxygen.

    Benji Dunn: Don't worry about him, all right? All he has to do is install the fake profile before I get to the gait analysis. You said it yourself, it's the only way.


    Benji Dunn: That doesn't sound "impossible".

  • Ilsa Faust: And what brings you gentlemen to Casablanca?

    [Ethan shows her the lipstick]

  • Ethan Hunt: So the key to crushing Lane is sitting in a computer, just waiting for someone to take it.

    Benji Dunn: So, why hasn't Lane just sent someone to steal it?

    Ilsa Faust: Oh, he has. He sent me. And I can tell you... it's impossible.

  • Ilsa Faust: One more time. You'll have three minutes. Two and a half minutes to switch the security profile. Thirty seconds to escape through the service hatch.

    Benji Dunn: Remember, conserve oxygen. Don't move a muscle if you don't have to.

  • Ethan Hunt: You're free now. Where will you go?

    Ilsa Faust: I don't know. I've done my part.

    Ethan Hunt: Yeah.

    Luther Stickell: Ethan, we got to go!

    Ilsa Faust: [Ethan and Ilsa embrace] You'd better hurry now.

    Ethan Hunt: Good luck.

    Ilsa Faust: You know how to find me.

    [drives away]

  • Ethan Hunt: I have a way out. Interested?

    Ilsa Faust: Lead the way.

  • Ilsa Faust: You have everything you need to find me.

  • Ilsa Faust: Are you ordering me to kill Hunt?

    Atlee: Good God, no. Nothing so crude as that. No... Lane will order you. And to regain his trust, you will do it.

    Ilsa Faust: You sent me to do a job. I did it. Now you bring me in!

    Atlee: Might I remind you, you are without a country of your own? The Director of the CIA called me, inquiring about you personally. Of course, to protect your cover, I had to lie. So, as far as the Americans are concerned, you're a rogue assassin, a target of opportunity. Precious few people know about your true identity. It would be unfortunate if we forgot. You see, there really is no choice, Ilsa. You're going back.

    [Ilsa walks away]

    Atlee: Glad to know you're still with us.

  • Ilsa Faust: You kill innocent people.

    Lane: I helped my government kill many innocent people and more. So much more. Killing to keep things as they were. And now I'm killing to bring about change.

    Ilsa Faust: I think Ethan Hunt would disagree.

    Lane: Ethan Hunt is a gambler. And one day his luck will run out, and thousands of innocent people will pay the price. Which one of us will be the villain then?

  • Lane: Did he say anything?

    Ilsa Faust: He knows about Morocco.

    Lane: What does he know about Morocco?

    Ilsa Faust: He knows about the power plant. He doesn't know what's in it.

    Lane: Find him, please.

    Ilsa Faust: He'll find me... I've seen to that.

  • Ilsa Faust: Unfortunately, even if you could make it through every other security measure, you won't beat the last one.

    Benji Dunn: So what you're saying is, no mask can beat it. We're busted before we even get into the vault and I wind up in a Moroccan jail playing mummies and daddies with Ahmad the Strangler.

  • Ethan Hunt: And option three?

    Ilsa Faust: Come away with me. Right now.

    Luther Stickell: Oh, boy.

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