Ike Quotes in Miracle at Sage Creek (2005)


Ike Quotes:

  • Ike: Daniel!

    Daniel: Yes sir?

    Ike: We're gonna get those steers into Lusk and sold before Christmas

    Daniel: Yes sir.

    Ike: You won't leave town till we get top dollar, no exceptions.

    Daniel: Yes sir...

    Daniel: Mr. Franklin me and the boys was wondering, well sir, we wanted to know if you had decided to give us Christmas day off? Some of the men got family and I think they need that time...

    Ike: You'll get a day off when that cattle is sold. Christmas is just another working day.

    Daniel: Yes sir, stock comes fisrt.

  • [person speaking German on "cliteris" website]

    Kyle: Dude, it's a lady getting pooed on!

    Stan: Whoa! Is it Cartman's mom?

    Cartman: Oh, very funny!

    Kyle: Hey! It IS Cartman's mom!

    Mrs. Cartman: [man speaking German on computer] All righty then!

    Cartman: SON OF A BI...


    Cartman: AHHH!

    Ike: [bounces in] Ba ba ba ba.

    Kyle: Get out of here, Ike. You're too young for this stuff!

    Ike: Bullshit.

    Stan: What's she doing now?

    German: Essen meine scheisse.

    Mrs. Cartman: Okey-dokey!

    KyleStanCartman: [they see something gross] AWWWWWW!

    Stan: [pukes] Click it off, dude, click it off!

    [Kyle clicks it off]

    Stan: Dude, what the fuck is wrong with German people?

  • Kyle: Come on, Ike! Kick the baby!

    Ike: Don't kick the baby.

    Kyle: Kick the baby.

    [runs and kicks Ike through a window]

  • [hearing Terrence and Phillip say "donkey raping shit eater"]

    Ike: Dopey pappy sheet eater.

  • [in post-credits scene]

    Ike: Guys out there is hurted.

    [eats rat]

  • Ike: Spider!


  • Charlotte A. Cavatica: [climbs down to Ike's face]

    Ike: Please, don't hurt me.

    Charlotte A. Cavatica: Well, since you said please. Hehe.

  • Wilbur: So you eat flies?

    Charlotte A. Cavatica: No... no, no. I drink their blood.

    Ike: [faints]

  • Ike: Who would win? Freddy or Jason?

  • Ike: I'm not dumb!

    Addley: You're dumb, you like punk!

  • Addley: It's a beautiful day, you see? You see? You're all alone in the park, sittin' on a park bench, and you're readin' somethin' real good.

    Ike: Yeah, like a muscle magazine.

  • Ike: I'll get the Kodak!

  • Mother: Ike, you better bolt that door good tonight.

    Ike: Ma, there's nobody out there...

    Mother: Now you just do what I say! Queenie's out there, I just know it.

  • [repeated lines]

    Addley: Punk sucks!

    Ike: Disco's stupid.

  • Trina: You backwoods, perverted piece of shit!

    Ike: Don't you ever say backwoods again! We're city-fied, look around.

  • Ike: Hello Colonel. I was just...

    Bliss: I know what you were doing.

    Ike: You do?

    Bliss: Did you like what you saw MacArthur?

    Ike: Uh no. I mean yes. I mean.

    Bliss: It's okay MacArthur. Meet me in my room in 5 minutes.

    Ike: Yes ma'am.

  • Ike: Ms. Bliss? Miss Bliss?

    Guard: Hey! What are you doing here?

    Ike: Uh, nothing. Just taking a walk.

    Guard: Well, take it outside. Now! Let's go. Get out of that room!

    Ike: Shit, this is the wrong room.

  • Ike: Great. This is the right room.

    Guard: You again! What did I tell you?

    Ike: Shit, not again.

    Guard: That's right. Maybe 50 push-ups will help you remember.

  • Bliss: Oh MacArthur! Oh!

    Ike: Colonel. I'd love to stay and get together but I gotta get outta here.

    Bliss: Is it something I said? Did I come on too strong?

    Ike: No. I just have to go and meet the guys.

    Bliss: Don't you want to meet these guys?

    Ike: I would. But my friends are counting on me.

    Bliss: Okay. Meet me in my room later. I'll be waiting.

  • Ike: Miss Bliss?

    Bliss: Did anyone see you MacArthur?

    Ike: No Colonel.

    Bliss: Good. Now, where were we?

    Ike: Here, I think.

    Bliss: Oh, yeah. Mmmmm, oh MacArthur.

    Ike: Oh Colonel.

    Bliss: Sit on the bed MacArthur.

    Ike: Yes ma'am.

    Bliss: Make yourself comfortable. So, these are what you wanted to see, right?

    Ike: Yes ma'am.

    Bliss: You're lucky MacArthur. I never go all the way with a cadet.

    Ike: Really?

    Bliss: Yeah, but you're different.

    Ike: I am?

    Bliss: Yeah. You know, all these guys care about is my body.

    Ike: I know. Wow!

    Bliss: So what do you think MacArthur? I do have a nice set, don't I?

    Ike: Yes you do.

    Bliss: Slide over here. Come on and have a feel, MacArthur. Touch them.

    Ike: Uh.

    Bliss: Don't be shy. That's what they're there for.

    Ike: Uh.

    Bliss: That's it. I know you want them!

    Chooch: Ike. Are you in here? Shit!

  • Chooch: What does Leisman want more than anything else?

    Hash: My balls!

    Ike: My soul!

    Oliver: My ass!

  • Ike: Just call me Ike.

    Hash: Hash.

    Ike: Not now, man. Maybe after dinner.

    Hash: No. My *name* is Hash. It's easier to say than "El Hashid Amir Junior".

    Ike: It's easier to smoke too.

  • Ike: Why are the gods so good to us?

    Cynthia: Because we love people and we know how good they really are.

  • Ike: Careful, there's a lot of freaks out there.

  • Ike: My Son likes your eyes...

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