Ice Cube Quotes in Straight Outta Compton (2015)


Ice Cube Quotes:

  • Ice Cube: [Cube is upset at the reporter asking questions about "Fuck Tha Police", Cube's relationship with the Nation of Islam & his feelings about Jerry Heller, instead of asking about Rodney King] But I get it. The bigger the story, the bigger the check in your field of work. I shouldn't blame you, it's not your fault. What's your name?

    [extends his hand]

    CNN Journalist: Brian.

    Ice Cube: [retracts his hand] Eat a dick, Brian. Get the fuck out my house. Y'all done here.

  • [N.W.A. kicks Felicia out of the party wearing nothing but underwear bottoms]

    Ice Cube: Bye, Felicia!

    [N.W.A. closes the door on her]

  • Ice Cube: Yo, Dre.

    Dr. Dre: What up?

    Ice Cube: I got something to say.

  • Ice Cube: Eric, you're kind of being a hoe right now.

  • Ice Cube: [watching a crowd destroy their records] Ain't that some shit? Speak a little truth and people lose their minds.

    Eazy-E: See, the truth is, they can do whatever they want with them. They bought them motherfuckers.

  • Eazy-E: I liked 'Boyz 'n the Hood.'

    Ice Cube: You called it an Afterschool Special.

    Eazy-E: I like Afterschool Specials.

  • Ice Cube: FUCK THE POLICE!

  • Ice Cube: [Upset that Bryan hasn't paid him his money] You should've kept your word, Bryan.

    [Smashes up Bryan's office]

  • [N.W.A have been warned not to perform Fuck tha Police. This takes place after they perform Straight Outta Compton]

    Ice Cube: Hey, hold on, hold on! Y'all know what the motherfuckin' police tried to tell us back stage?

    Dr. DreAudience: What?

    Ice Cube: They tried to tell us what the fuck we can't play.

    Audience: [boos]

    Ice Cube: Motherfuckers tryin' to tell us what the fuck we can't say. This N.W.A.!

    Audience: [cheers]

    Ice Cube: We do what the fuck we wanna do. We say what the fuck we wanna say! So everybody, put them middle fingers high in the sky. And to the punk-ass cop backstage... Yo, Dre?

    Dr. Dre: What up?

    Ice Cube: I got somethin' to say.

    [NWA performs Fuck tha Police but get interrupted halfway]

  • Jerry Heller: [Ice Cube enters a dimly lit room] Good to see you, Cube

    Ice Cube: I can barely see you, Jerry. What's with all the Godfather shit?

    Jerry Heller: [chuckles] Okay. I know that you've been very eager to sign a contract with Eric's company, Ruthless Records

    [hands Cube the contract]

    Ice Cube: Eric's company... ain't it your company, too?

    Jerry Heller: That's incorrect. It's not my company. I work for you.

    Ice Cube: You work for me?

    Jerry Heller: Uh-huh. I've made that clear from the beginning

    Ice Cube: All right, cool. So I can take this to a lawyer or something, right?

    Jerry Heller: Cube, those guys are paid to make trouble. They're gonna create problems, where no problems exist.

    Ice Cube: Jerry you know I don't know what none of this legal shit means! All right, none of us do. So we gonna need a lawyer before we sign anything.

    Jerry Heller: Everybody else has already signed. I thought you knew this. You're the only one who hasn't.

    [Cube shuffles through the contract, somewhat stunned]

    Jerry Heller: There's also this...

    [presents Cube with a check]

    Jerry Heller: $75,000.

    [retreats the check as Cube reaches for it]

    Jerry Heller: Sign the contract, and all this money is yours.

    Ice Cube: That's my money anyway, Jerry! I earned that money! Now I wrote a lot of hit songs. We've been on this tour for months, selling out shows, selling records. I know it's plenty of money!

    Jerry Heller: Really?


    Jerry Heller: Jesus Christ.

    Ice Cube: Gimme my money, Jerry.

    Jerry Heller: How the hell do you think this works? How the hell do you think all of this gets paid for? The hotel rooms, the tour buses, security, the parties, all this shit. How do you think it gets paid for, you think it's free?

    Ice Cube: Why are you doing this now? If we were so good, why didn't you give us contracts in the beginning?

    Jerry Heller: Because nothing is a sure thing, Cube. Even a great talent can crash and burn. Too much ego, too much excess, too many expectations. It tends to ruin things. You oughta keep that in mind.

    [Jerry and Cube tensely glare at each other]

    Ice Cube: This Eric's company, right? Bye Jerry

    [tosses contract on the table]

    Ice Cube: I'm out.

  • Dr. Dre: [NWA arrives back in L.A from the tour, Dre & Cube get off the bus] So Cube, we gonna keep this momentum going or what?

    Ice Cube: Nah, not like this. I'd rather be broke than to get fucked. I told you not to sign that shit, Dre.

    Dr. Dre: Nigga, I got bills to pay. And you know that! Plus you know I gotta money in my mom's hand from when Tyree passed.

    Ice Cube: Yeah, I feel you. We gotta do what we gotta do. You they bread and butter, they're gonna take care of you.

    Dr. Dre: Cube, we ruthless.

    Ice Cube: WE N.W.A.

    [looks at Eazy and Jerry]

    Ice Cube: THEY Ruthless.

    [man picking up Ice Cube asks him if he's coming]

    Ice Cube: Aight I'm about to head out.

    [daps up Dre]

    Ice Cube: take care of yourself, Dre.

    Dr. Dre: Peace.

    [Cube gets into the car as Dre watches and sighs]

  • Ice Cube: I'd rather be broke than get fucked.

  • Jerry Heller: You just gotta slow down, you can't bang every broad on the planet.

    Eazy-E: What, getting pussy is a problem now?

    Jerry Heller: Well, look it's gonna be a problem if you've got 10,000 kids. Right? You make some money, you have all these kids, you gotta go and take care of em. It's fine... I'll help you take care of em. Hey, Cube.

    Ice Cube: Sorry to interrupt y'all lobster brunch... but what's up E, where the contracts at man? You forgot about me?

    Eazy-E: I'm not trying to answer this... you know what? Jerry, can you deal with this?

    Ice Cube: I'm not talking to Jerry, I'm talking to you.

    Eazy-E: That's Jerry's job!

    Jerry Heller: You know what, that is my department, you're completely right to ask about that Cube. The contracts are being finished as we speak. The thing is, with the contracts these lawyers go through them. Pouring over it, they'll bleed us dry, but it'll get done. I wish I got paid the way they do, you know?

    Ice Cube: Hmm, me too. I just wanna know what's going on since I did write a lot of the songs on this album.

    Jerry Heller: Everybody knows how important you are, Cube

    Ice Cube: They do?

    Eazy-E: That's what's goin on.

    Jerry Heller: We just need some time.

    Ice Cube: Everything probably alright. I must be trippin.

    [takes a sip of their champagne]

    Ice Cube: Shit tastes pretty good. Maybe someday, right? Y'all enjoy your meal.


    Jerry Heller: [chuckles] I'm tellin ya, that guy wants to be you, very freakin' badly.

    Eazy-E: As if I ain't got enough fuckin' problems.

    [to waiter]

    Eazy-E: Excuse me, can I get another round?

  • Bryan Turner: So you're leaving the group?

    Ice Cube: Yeah, I'm through with the bullshit! Eazy put everything on Jerry, Jerry put everything on Eazy. It's a two-man show up there, ain't no fuckin' group.

    Bryan Turner: I get that, but I need you to understand that you are walking away from a winning situation. Now how do you feel about this Kim, do you think he's making a mistake?

    Ice Cube: A mistake?

    Bryan Turner: Yes!

    Kim: I don't think so. I mean, after hearing all the stuff that he went through, I would've left too.

    Bryan Turner: Look, Cube I want you to express yourself. And I'm your biggest fan, I believe in you, but... I just want you to know that there is not a lot of money in this solo play. But if the first album hits, I will make it up to you on the second.

    Ice Cube: [gets up, shakes hands with Bryan] Be ready, Bryan. This record's comin' in fast.

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