Ibn Sina Quotes in The Physician (2013)


Ibn Sina Quotes:

  • Ibn Sina: Because there is nothing to be afraid of.Death is merely a threshold we must all cross... into the silence, after the final heartbeat... drifting away with our final exhalation... into eternal peace...

  • Ibn Sina: This is the burden every physician must learn to bear. You can't look upon death as the enemy.

    Rob Cole: Than what? A friend?

    Ibn Sina: [looking to the sky] I've calculated the orbits of all these stars and planets. Filled volumes with calculations. I have barely scratched the real secrets of creation.

    Rob Cole: Isn't it frustrating there's so much you don't know?

    Ibn Sina: No. It fills me with awe. How pale and tedious would this world be without mystery.

  • Ibn Sina: What is it like?

    Rob Cole: Inside?

    Ibn Sina: [nods]

    Rob Cole: It is both... beautiful... and frightening.

    Ibn Sina: Go on.

    Rob Cole: I saw the heart!

    Ibn Sina: Describe it.

    Rob Cole: It has two chambers with an impassable wall in between.

    Ibn Sina: So how does the blood get from one side to the other?

    Rob Cole: By way of the lungs, I think.

    Ibn Sina: So all our theories of human circulation would be... wrong.

    Rob Cole: Master, nothing is as it is in the books! Nothing!

  • Ibn Sina: You seem more interested in medicine than my other patients.

    Rob Cole: I've come to be a student of Ibn Sina.

    Ibn Sina: Have you now?

    Rob Cole: I've been told he's the greatest healer in all the world.

    Ibn Sina: No he's not that great. Quite ordinary, really.

    Rob Cole: Do you know him?

    Ibn Sina: A little better each day.

  • Rob Cole: Wake the pharmacist! Fetch my bag! Run...

    Despina: Where is he going?

    Ibn Sina: To save your life.

  • Rob Cole: They're going to die!

    Ibn Sina: We will fight for each and every life. Do you hear me? Each and every one.

  • Rob Cole: When the plague came, you were as helpless as a beach is to the advance of the sea. The tide washed over us and dragged our people away, and we could do nothing to stop it.

    Ibn Sina: You ask of medicine what only Allah can perform. Or Yahweh.

    Rob Cole: Do you never doubt your calling?

    Ibn Sina: Every morning and every evening. In between I work too hard to think about it.

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