Hyzenthlay Quotes in Watership Down (1978)


Hyzenthlay Quotes:

  • Bigwig: Hyzenthlay.

    Hyzenthlay: Sir?

    Bigwig: I'd like to talk with you.

    Hyzenthlay: I'm in the mark and under your orders, sir.

    Bigwig: Do you remember a pale grey rabbit called Holly you helped escape some while ago?

    Hyzenthlay: You've made a mistake, sir.

    Bigwig: Listen, Hyzenthlay. Listen carefully. I'm from a warren where life is free. Where you can do is as you wish. I've come to bring you all out of Efrafra.

    Hyzenthlay: You might be a spy sent by the council.

    Bigwig: You know I'm not. Will you join us? And persuade your friends as well, trust me. My friends are not far away.

    Hyzenthlay: [Voice is breaking] My courage, my... spirit is so much less than it was.

    Bigwig: We can escape Efrafra. Believe me.

    Hyzenthlay: Yes... I think I do.

    [She smiles]

  • General Woundwort: Your name?

    Hyzenthlay: Hyzenthlay, sir.

    General Woundwort: I'll be frank with you. You're safe here. Well get on with it!

    Hyzenthlay: Sir, several of us propose an expedition for a new warren. Somewhere else.

    General Woundwort: A new warren? Out of the question!

    Hyzenthlay: But you don't understand. The system is breaking down.

    General Woundwort: Explain that.

    Hyzenthlay: Some of us can't produce litters, we're overcrowded.

    General Woundwort: I want no further discussion about it.

    Hyzenthlay: We'll go as far as you like!

    General Woundwort: Here or anywhere else!

    Hyzenthlay: I...

    [she is approached threateningly by Campion]

    Hyzenthlay: [meekly] Thank you, sir.

    [she leaves]

    General Woundwort: Campion, have her watched.

  • Hyzenthlay: [discussing the escape plan with Bigwig] Sometimes I can tell when things are true. Sometimes... I can see it... The high down with trees, and...

    [shakes head]

    Hyzenthlay: I've become foolish.

    Bigwig: [referring to Fiver] You'll have to meet this friend of mine. He talks just like that.

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