Husband Quotes in Gojira, Mosura, Kingu Gidorâ: Daikaijû sôkôgeki (2001)


Husband Quotes:

  • [Baragon is approaching in the distance]

    Husband: It's the red Godzilla.

    Wife: He may be frightening, but he's cute.

    Husband: Quick, take a picture before we run.

  • Mrs. Big Nose: [a crowd is listening to Jesus speak] Don't pick your nose!

    Mr. Big Nose: I wasn't pickin' my nose! I was scratchin' it!

    Mrs. Big Nose: You was pickin' it, while you was talkin' to that lady!

    Mr. Big Nose: I wasn't!

    Mrs. Big Nose: Leave it alone! Give it a rest!

    Stan: Do you mind? I can't 'ear a word he's sayin'!

    Mrs. Big Nose: Don't you 'Do you mind' me! I was talkin' to my 'usband!

    Stan: Well, go and talk to 'im somewhere else! I can't 'ear a bloody thing!

    Mr. Big Nose: Don't you swear at my wife!

    Stan: I was only askin' 'er to shut up, so we can 'ear what he's sayin', 'Big Nose'.

    Mrs. Big Nose: Don't you call my 'usband 'Big Nose'!

    Stan: Well, he 'as got a big nose!

    Man #1: [trying to hear Jesus] Would you be quiet, please. What was that?

    Stan: I don't know; I was too busy talkin' to 'Big Nose'.

    Man #2: I think it was: 'Blessed are the cheese-makers'!

    Wife: What's so special about the cheese-makers?

    Husband: Well, obviously, it's not meant to be taken literally - it refers to any manufacturer of... dairy products.

    Stan: See? If you 'adn't been goin' on, we'd 'ave 'eard that, 'Big Nose'!

    Mr. Big Nose: Say that once more - I'll smash your bloody face in!

    Stan: Better keep listening; might be a bit about 'Blessed are the Big Noses'.

    Brian: Lay off him!

    Stan: Oh, you're not so bad yourself, conk-face... Where are you two from? 'Nose City'?

    Mr. Big Nose: One more time, mate! I'll take you to the fuckin' cleaners!

    Mrs. Big Nose: Language! And don't pick your nose!

  • Wife: I'm not eating something that was cooked by some cracker-ass hatemonger!

    Husband: I will. Baby, you can't taste racism!

    Randal Graves: What racism, "porch monkeys?"

  • Husband: Remember, you saved. You don't use that kinda language.

    Wife: Ain't nobody from my church in here.

  • Wife: Did he say 'cock stain'? What the fuck is cock stain?

    Husband: I don't know. That's some white freaky stuff. White boys get white women to do everything. You wanna do a cock stain?

  • [a woman runs out of a motel falsely crying rape]

    Woman in car: You really want to stay here?

    Husband: [smiling] Why not?

  • Husband: Well, what's our little skeptic doing today?

    Housewife: She's frying the cat in pure Nesson oil.

    [cat screams]

  • [Ben does quick math at his job on two outfits for a man and his wife]

    Husband: What's this gonna run us?

    Ben Campbell: Oh, well, uh, let's see, the belt's $49.95, minus 15%. The jacket's $589,99. The pants, $285,99, minus 10% on both. Unfortunately, the shirt's not on sale, but I can knock off 5% from the $69,99. The shoes were just marked down from $155, so you're looking at $1,042.68.

    Ben Campbell: [the couple stare at Ben's adding abilities as he replies] I'm really good with numbers.

    Husband: Yeah.

    Wife: I guess so.

  • [first lines]

    Husband: Christine!

    Christine: Don't shout, I tell you! Don't shout!

  • Henry: Susan wants to tell you something!

    Buzz Collins: Well, I'm listening!

    [Susan dances]

    Older Man: What's she saying?

    Henry: She says you've got to wait for Woody! He's bringing the money!

    Buzz Collins: I didn't hear her say anything!

    Woman: Naturally. She was born silent.

    Husband: One of the few women ever was.

    Henry: Sure, Mister! She don't do talk-talk, she does foot-talk!

    Buzz Collins: 'Foot-talk?' That's ridiculous! What's she saying now?

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