Huck Finn Quotes in The Adventures of Huck Finn (1993)


Huck Finn Quotes:

  • Huck Finn: I'm sorry Jim... I didn't want this to happen.

    Jim: You're still my best and only friend.

  • Huck Finn: [narrating] They were real nice, once they decided not to kill me.

  • Huck Finn: You're the best friend I ever had, Jim.

    Jim: You're the only friend I ever had...

  • Huck Finn: [Jim appears wearing a silly African costume and looks disgusted] What in hell's bells are you supposed to be?

    Jim: The King said I was a Swahili warrior. He even taught me some Swahili or what he said was Swahili. Sounded like a pig in heat to me.

  • Huck Finn: So kick off yer shoes, if yer wearin' em', and git ready for a spit-lickin' good time!

  • Huck Finn: Ah, Hells Bells, Jim, I almost puked up my livers!

  • Huck Finn: And she got to talking about this, and about that, and blah-di, blah-di, blah until I wanted to wring her scrawny little neck! But by and by, she got to talkin' about the murder.

  • The Duke: Now where have you been, you little turd pie? Hmm?

    Huck Finn: Just playing with the damn dog next door.

    The Duke: Oh, just playing with the little doggies, is it? Why, I outta... Just stay right here today, understand?

  • Tom Sawyer: Muff's innocent Huck, we gotta help him.

    Huck Finn: We ain't gotta do nothing.

    Tom Sawyer: You'd let him hang for something he didn't do.

    Huck Finn: It ain't no skin off my back.

  • Tom Sawyer: Hello Huck!

    Huck Finn: Hello yourself and see how you like it.

    Tom Sawyer: Watcha doin' down here?

    Huck Finn: Lookin for jackasses.

    Tom Sawyer: Under a bridge?

    Huck Finn: I found one, didn't I?

    Tom SawyerHuck Finn: [both laugh]

  • Injun Joe: [Injun Joe's about to stab Tom]

    Huck Finn: HEY!

    [kicks Injun Joe]

    Injun Joe: I know you.

    Tom Sawyer: [Huck pushes Tom behind him] Huck...

    Injun Joe: You're Pap Finn's boy... Blueberry.

    Huck Finn: Huckleberry.

    Injun Joe: Your daddy was the best knife fighter on the Mississippi. Did he teach you?

    Huck Finn: He taught me.

    Injun Joe: Ahhh then let's see what you got, river trash.


    Huck Finn: [pulls out knife] I ain't river trash!

    Injun Joe: Come on!

    Huck Finn: [Huck swings knife, Injun Joe dodges]

    Injun Joe: [Injun Joe slams Huck into wall]

    Huck Finn: [small yelp]

    Injun Joe: You got guts boy. And in a minute they're gonna be on the ground.

    Tom Sawyer: Let's see ya hit this!

    Injun Joe: [turns around]

    Tom Sawyer: [holds chest over the hole]

    Injun Joe: NOOOOOO!

  • Tom Sawyer: So why'd ya come back, Huck?

    Huck Finn: Figured if you did it alone, you'd probably splotch it up.

    Tom Sawyer: Yeah, probably.

  • Tom Sawyer: I thought we was friends Huck.

    Huck Finn: You thought wrong. I ain't got no friends. Ain't got time for 'em. But if I did have one I'd want him to be like you.

  • Huck Finn: According to this, you should be dead and rottin' right about now.

    Tom Sawyer: I had to help Muff. Not helpin' him woulda been wrong.

    Huck Finn: I know but, you swore an oath Tom, don't that mean anythin' to ya?

    Tom Sawyer: Of course it does. It's just, it felt like the right thing to do. Huck it was the right thing to do.

    Huck Finn: No. You swore an oath Tom, you swore.

  • Tom Sawyer: What if we could get the map? That'd prove Muff's innocent and we wouldn't break our oath.

    Huck Finn: Only one problem. That map is in Injun Joe's pocket.

  • Huck Finn: You gonna let her do that to you?

    Tom Sawyer: I think she likes me.

    Huck Finn: She pushes you off a bridge cuz she likes you?

    Tom Sawyer: [Tom nods]

    Huck Finn: [Huck blows smoke in Tom's face] I think you're both crazy.

    Tom Sawyer: Hey Huck watcha got in the sack?

    Huck Finn: Dead cat. Wagon run over 'em. Guts come out both ends.

    Tom Sawyer: What's a dead cat good for?

    Huck Finn: To cure warts away.

    Tom Sawyer: Well, I got one. How's it work?

    Huck Finn: You take your dead cat to the graveyard on the day somebody wicked's been buried, and when the devil comes, you heave your cat at him and say "Devil follow corpse, cat follow devil, warts follow cat, I'm done with you". That'll fetch any wart.

    Tom Sawyer: Sounds right. So when are you gonna try it?

    Huck Finn: Tonight.

    Tom Sawyer: Lemme go with ya, Huck.

    Huck Finn: [shakes head] You might get scared.

    Tom SawyerHuck Finn: [at the graveyard]

    Huck Finn: [Huck making scary sounds] Dead seems kinda lively tonight don't they?

    Huck Finn: [whirls around] HAH!

    Tom Sawyer: [Tom yelps]

    Huck Finn: [Huck grins]

  • Huck Finn: He's drunk asleep. Shouldn't be too hard to get that map.

    Tom Sawyer: Then let's get it and git.

    Tom Sawyer: [begins approaching Injun Joe, then notices Huck's not following] Ain't ya comin'?

    Huck Finn: One map don't need the two of us. I'll wait here.

  • Tom Sawyer: So why'd ya come back Huck?

    Huck Finn: When a friend's in trouble, you don't run away.

  • Huck Finn: Nothing would surprise with Tom. Nothing but magic.

  • Becky Thatcher: Who are you?

    The Mysterious Stranger: An angel.

    Huck Finn: What's your name?

    The Mysterious Stranger: Satan.

    Huck Finn: Uh oh.

    The Mysterious Stranger: What's the matter?

    Huck Finn: Nothing. Just that it's sure a sorry name for an angel.

  • Huck Finn: [after the Mysterious Stranger wipes out an entire village of clay people] You murdered 'em!

    The Mysterious Stranger: [face slowly turns into a skull] Never mind them. People are of no value. We could make more sometime... if we need them.

  • Tom Sawyer: [Looking at Twain's library] These must be those classics everyone talks about.

    Huck Finn: What are classics?

    Mark Twain: Something everyone wants to have read but don't want to read.

  • Tom Sawyer: We're only waiting for the right moment now.

    Becky Thatcher: What are you talking about?

    Huck Finn: Yeah?

    Tom Sawyer: Becky, do you swear not to tell?

    Becky Thatcher: Sure.

    Tom Sawyer: On your grandmother's bones?

    [Becky rolls her eyes]

    Tom Sawyer: Well, do ya?

    Becky Thatcher: Yeah.

    Tom Sawyer: We're gonna hijack this balloon.

    Becky Thatcher: What?

    Huck Finn: Hijack?

    Tom Sawyer: Just imagine: Tom Sawyer, aeronort, saves airborne friends from madman's death wish.

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