Howard Foxhugh Quotes in Spinout (1966)


Howard Foxhugh Quotes:

  • Howard Foxhugh: Philip, are you a millionaire?

    Philip: Umm... No?

    Howard Foxhugh: Then shut up and keep writing

  • Larry: [as Mike test drives Foxhugh's Fox 5 car on the racetrack] Sure knows how to handle that car!

    Les: Well, best driver on any track!

    Howard Foxhugh: Yeah, it looks like your plan worked.

    Les: Yeah!

    Howard Foxhugh: You seem pretty anxious to have Mike drive for me.

    Les: Oh, yeah, well the prize money is good.

    Larry: You see, Mr. Foxhugh, if we keep him busy driving, he won't have any time for your kid.

    [Les kicks Larry in the leg]

    Larry: Ow! Hey what did you kick me for?

    Howard Foxhugh: Cynthia?

    Curly: Yeah, if we don't break this up they're liable to do something terrible like get married.

    [Les kicks Curly in the leg]

    Curly: Ow! What did you kick me for?

    Les: It's nothing to worry about. Cynthia isn't even Mike's type.

    Larry: Oh, well sure! Who'd want to marry a gorgeous millionairess?

    Curly: Yeah!

    Les: Not me.

    [Larry and Curly both at once kick Les in the leg. She screams in pain]

    Les: Ow! Oh! Ow! Oh!

  • Howard Foxhugh: I'm glad you like the car, and we're going to give you a chance to drive it, but you've got to promise me one thing.

    Mike McCoy: Well, let's have it!

    Howard Foxhugh: Don't encourage Cynthia!

    Mike McCoy: Cynthia? What's she got to do with it?

    Howard Foxhugh: Well, I didn't mind you singing for her. That was her birthday present, but now she is talking about marriage, and that, of course, is out of the question.

    Mike McCoy: You're trying to say I'm good enough to drive your car, but I'm not good enough to marry your daughter?

    Howard Foxhugh: Oh, now, Mike, don't put it that way!

    Mike McCoy: I'll put it this way - if I want to marry Cynthia, and she wants to marry me, we'll get married! As for your car, you can drive it yourself!

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