Hound Quotes in Transformers: The Last Knight (2017)


Hound Quotes:

  • Optimus Prime: Knights, Autobots. This cannot and will not be the end. To save earth and her people we are going to steal Quintessa's staff. Only you, Vivian, can take it back. I will lead the way into her chamber and when the account of the ages is etched into the cosmos, let those who exist long after us know that this was our finest hour.

    [blasts into the sky]

    Crosshairs: Love that guy. Goosebumps every time.

    Hound: I never got to say hi.

  • Hound: [sees Infernocus] I don't have enough ammo for that thing!

  • Daytrader: You always resort to violence!

    Hound: I love violence!

  • Hound: [to TRF] Sure you don't wanna shoot? I'm a big ol' target. Wusses.

  • Hound: Come get some ya little bitch!

    [shoots Megatron]

  • Hound: [fires shots into the air] Oh yeah! HELL YEAH! He's back! He's alive! OPTIMUS IS HERE!

    Drift: At last, there is hope after all...

  • Hound: I'm a fat ballerina who takes scalps and slits throats!

  • Optimus Prime: Within that man-made protype I fought, I felt the presence of Megatron.

    Cade Yeager: The Decepticon who started the Chicago war?

    Brains: How do you think KSI built those bots in the first place, hmm? They had a whole mess of dead Decepticon heads, and they were downloading their minds! And Iw as in charge of autopsy duty, no union, no benefits, no nothing! They hooked me up to Megatron, and that mind wasn't as dead as they thought! He fed them the science and the specs, all so he could build them a brand new body! Then he infected it with his evil nasty chromosomes! Total inside custom job! KSI might have named the body a snazzy name like Galvatron, but that's just Megatron reincarnated!

    Tessa Yeager: You knew this, and you didn't warn them?

    Brains: Little girl, you go into a pretty dark place when you're on death row. He's been playing KSI all this time, all so he could manipulate them into going after the Seed!

    Shane Dyson: The Seed?

    Tessa Yeager: Those nasty soldiers that were chasing us, I saw them take something that they called the Seed...

    Hound: Sixty million years ago, give or take an eon.

    Optimus Prime: Thousands of planets were cyberformed with Seeds. They turned your life into our elemental metal. Our creators destroyed your species to make us.

    Brains: And that's what Galvatron wants to happen again! He wants to detonate that Seed in the biggest city and kill millions! He's going to show the world "Baby, I'm back!"

    Optimus Prime: The blast wave will incinerate that city into molten metal. He'll have enough to build a massive army, and annihalate your species for ever.

    Brains: You dumb greedy bastards just brought extinction to yourselves! Not my problem, though! I'm free at last! The whole thing worked out good for me!

  • Hound: That's a bad idea. But then again I'm all about bad ideas.

  • [looks at an adorable alien in a cage]

    Hound: You don't look so dangerous...

    [the alien spits acid at him]

    Hound: ARRGGHHH! I'm hit! Alright, I gotta hurt you now, you're just too disturbing to live...

    [shoots the alien]

  • Hound: [wedged in a building] My fat ass is stuck! Shoot 'em, Bee!

  • Cade Yeager: We're going to save Prime!

    Crosshairs: Why should we? What's in it for me?

    Hound: [puts a gun to Crosshairs's head] What's in it for you is I don't kill ya. We're gettin' the boss back, and the girl!

  • [as the Autobots reunite]

    Hound: Boom time! We got the gang back together!

  • Hound: [to Cade] I'll cover you! If I stop covering you, that means I'm dead. But that ain't going to happen.

  • Optimus Prime: [sees Leadfoot and Ratchet get killed by humans] I have sworn to never kill humans...

    Hound: Big mistake.

    Optimus Prime: ...but when I find out who's behind this, he's going to die.

  • Hound: I'm a wicked warrior robot!

  • Hound: Human beings, buncha back-stabbin' weasels!

    Drift: Hound. Find your inner compass. Loyalty is but a flower in the winds of fear and temptation.

    Hound: What the hell are you sayin'?

    Drift: It's a haiku.

    Hound: [grabs Drift] Cut the crap before I drop a grenade down your throat!

    Drift: [draws a sword] Try it, you'll be dead!

  • Joshua Joyce: We got a real dilemma here, okay. I created incredible robots, it's all designed to kick that fat Transformer's ass! So, really, this is a no-win situation. It's over.

    Hound: [flicks his cigar at Joyce] That was mean.

    Joshua Joyce: HEY!

  • Hound: Optimus, what are our orders on these humans? Can I squish the bald guy?

    Optimus Prime: They're in trouble...

    Crosshairs: Nah! This isn't our fight! I'm done being an underdog, underdogs suck! I say they get what they deserve!

  • Hound: [sees Decepticons] Come and get some! You're all gonna die!

    [opens fire]

  • Hound: [throws a grenade at Cade] Pull the pin, I'm dyin' out here!

    [Cade pulls the grenade]

    Joshua Joyce: IT's LIVE! IT's LIVE!

    Cade Yeager: What do you want me to do?

    Joshua Joyce: THROW IT!

    Hound: Give, give, give!

    [Cade hurls it at Hound who tosses it at some Decepticons]

  • Hound: [unsehathes a knife] Got your fortune cookie!

    [guts some Decepticons]

    Hound: Come here, you little punk!

  • Hound: Just give me the word. I'll splatter him.

  • [from trailer]

    Hound: Let's give it a whirl!

  • Hound: Hey baldie!

  • Hound: Let me vaporize his ass.

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