Hotel Manager Quotes in John Wick (2014)


Hotel Manager Quotes:

  • John Wick: [Answers the phone] Yes?

    Hotel Manager: I apologize for calling you at this hour, but we have received a number of grievances from your floor concerning the noise.

    John Wick: My apologies. I was dealing with an uninvited guest.

    Hotel Manager: Have you need then of, say, a dinner reservation, perhaps?

    John Wick: Perhaps. I'll have to get back to you.

  • Hotel Manager: How may I be of service?

    John Wick: Is the doctor in?

    Hotel Manager: Yes sir, 24/7.

    John Wick: Send him up, please.

    Hotel Manager: Yes sir!

    John Wick: How good is your laundry?

    Hotel Manager: [sighs] I'm sorry to say that no one is THAT good!

    John Wick: No... I thought not!

    Hotel Manager: May I suggest a drink, sir? Bourbon perhaps?

    John Wick: That sounds perfect.

  • Dr. Raymond Stantz: [holding ghost trap like a rat by the tail] We got it.

    Hotel Manager: What is it? Will there be any more of them?

    Dr. Raymond Stantz: Sir, what you had there is what we refer to as a focused, non-terminal, repeating phantasm or a class-five full-roaming vapor. A real nasty one, too.

    Dr. Peter Venkman: And now...

    [Peter clears his throat]

    Dr. Peter Venkman: ... let's talk seriously. Now, for the entrapment, we're gonna have to ask you...

    [Egon holds up four fingers]

    Dr. Peter Venkman: ... for four big ones, Four thousand dollars for that. But we are having a special this week on proton charging and storage of the beast...

    [Egon holds up one finger]

    Dr. Peter Venkman: ... and that's only gonna come to one thousand dollars, fortunately.

    Hotel Manager: Five thousand dollars? I had no idea it'd be so much. I won't pay it.

    Dr. Peter Venkman: Well, that's all right. We can just put it right back in there. Thank you.

    Dr. Raymond Stantz: We certainly can, Dr. Venkman.

    [Ray turns back toward the ballroom]

    Hotel Manager: [stopping Ray] No, no, NO! All right. Anything.

    Dr. Peter Venkman: [handing the manager a check] Thanks so much.

    Dr. Raymond Stantz: Thank you. Hope we can help you again.

    [as he, Peter and Egon leave the hotel, Ray calls out to the witnesses]

    Dr. Raymond Stantz: Coming through! One class-five full-roaming vapor. Move 'em out.

  • Dr. Peter Venkman: [after capturing Slimer] We came, we saw, we've kick its ass.

    Hotel Manager: You've seen it? What was it?

    Dr. Raymond Stantz: We've got it.

    [Holds up the smoking ghost trap]

    Dr. Raymond Stantz: Sir, what we have here is what we call a non-repeating phantasm, or a class-5 free roaming vapor, real nasty one too.

    Dr. Peter Venkman: Okay.

    [Clears throat]

    Dr. Peter Venkman: Let's talk serious, for the entrapment, we're gonna ask you for 4 big ones $4,000 for that, but we are having a special this week on proton charging, and storage of the beast, so we are gonna ask for $1,000 fortunate.

    Hotel Manager: $5,000 I had no idea it would be so much, I won't pay it.

    Dr. Peter Venkman: Oh, that's okay we can just put it right back in there.

    Dr. Raymond Stantz: We most certainly can, Dr. Venkman

    Hotel Manager: [Stops Ray] No, no, NO! Anything.

    [Peter hands the manager a check]

    Dr. Raymond Stantz: Thank you. We hope that we can help you again.

  • Hotel Manager: [Speaking very quickly in a heavy English accent] You're scuppered mate, this place is full of macaroons, of course I could get on the dog and bone and call my friend down White Chapel way.

    [Clark is unable to understand what the Hotel Manager is saying, so he begins using a handheld translation device]

    Rusty Griswold: Dad, he's speaking English.

  • [Pink's Manager defends Pink's trashing of his hotel room]

    Hotel Manager: He's a maniac!

    Rock and Roll Manager: He's an ARTIST!

  • Hotel Manager: If you encounter any problems you cannot resolve yourselves, you will be assigned children, that usually helps.

  • Hotel Manager: Now have you thought of what animal you'd like to be if you end up alone?

    David: Yes. A lobster.

    Hotel Manager: Why a lobster?

    David: Because lobsters live for over one hundred years, are blue-blooded like aristocrats, and stay fertile all their lives. I also like the sea very much.

  • Hotel Manager: Now the fact that you will turn into an animal if you fail to fall in love with someone during your stay here is not something that should upset you or get you down. Just think, as an animal you'll have a second chance to find a companion. But, even then, you must be careful; you need to choose a companion that is a similar type of animal to you. A wolf and a penguin could never live together, nor could a camel and a hippopotamus. That would be absurd.

  • Hotel Manager: We wish you every success and we hope, you will return to the city as a couple.

    The Limping Man: I'm very happy.

    Nosebleed Woman: Me, too.

    Hotel Manager: Congratulations The course of your relationship will be monitored our staff and by me personally. If you encounter any problems, any tensions, any arguing, that you cannot resolve yourselves, you will be assigned children. That usually helps, a lot.

  • Hotel Manager: Just where do you think you are?

    Jay O'Neill: The Library of Congress?

    Rudy: Detroit?

    Brad: Beyond the sun?

  • Hotel Manager: Oh my God. What have you been doing in this room? I just had this room decorated. I'm calling the police.

    Franklin Ford III: If you kick us out, I'll swear to God I'll sue your Goddamn hotel for a million dollars. I'll burn it to the ground!

    James T. Hart: Look, I know that the piece of paper we signed down there allows you to kick us out. But if you do that, I'm going to go to the newspapers. And I'm going to tell them that we're a dope ring running through this hotel. Yeah, I'm going to tell them that, and you're not going to get any more business. Now shut up, and get out!

  • Scott Donlan: How tall are you?

    Hotel Manager: I'm 6'4".

    Stefan Vanderhoof: I thought so. I feel like Alan Ladd at Easter Island.

    Scott Donlan: Where are you from, like Nor... Norland? Norway?

    Hotel Manager: Uh, I'm Irish-German.

    Stefan Vanderhoof: Like Robert Duvall in "The Godfather".

    Scott Donlan: Bratwurst and shillelaghs... paging Dr. Freud.

  • Hotel Manager: Have you tried looking under the bed?

    Meg Swan: Of course I've looked under the bed, of course I've looked under the bed. That's where you look when you lose things.

  • Hotel Manager: [handing back a credit card at check-in to the Flecks] I'm sorry, that card's been declined.

    Cookie Fleck: Oh, no! That's the good card!

  • Hotel Manager: We have you down for a queen.

    Scott Donlan: What are you suggesting... my dear man?

  • Fred Lavery: Why are you busting our chops like this?

    Hotel manager: Well, I'll tell you. I hate cops an awful lot.

    Sheila Kingston: [under her breath] I'm gonna kill him.

    Fred Lavery: And it doesn't matter that this is a life-and-death issue?

    Hotel manager: Nope.

    Fred Lavery: Well, do you want us to bribe you with money?

    Hotel manager: Nope.

    Sheila Kingston: You wanna see me naked?

    Hotel manager: Now that's an idea!

  • Hotel manager: This isn't a hotel, it's a nuthouse!

  • Hotel Manager: Perhaps you can explain the red on this cigarette.

    Cosmo Topper: Yes, I... cut my tongue when I was shaving this morning.

  • Hotel Manager: Well, if you're awake, why don't you open your eyes?

    Jeffrey 'Jeff': I can't. I' afraid they'll drop out.

    Shemp 'Shempy': We went to a bachelor dinner last night. He ate too much ice cream

  • Hotel Manager: I thought they might work for the government.

    Robert Angier: No?

    Hotel Manager: Worse. They work for Thomas Edison.

  • [last lines]

    Arthur Biehl: [on telephone] Operator? Get Dr. Paul up to suite 313 right away.

    Doctor: Looks like he hasn't eaten in a week. You better send for an ambulance.

    Hotel Manager: I'll call one right now.

    Arthur Biehl: What a shame. If I'd only known.

    Hotel Manager: [on telephone] Operator? Get an ambulance. Right away.

    Arthur Biehl: He is going to make it, isn't he?

    Doctor: I don't know.

    Hotel Manager: They're on their way. How is he?

    Doctor: We're going to need some oxygen.

    Arthur Biehl: Oh...

    Hotel Manager: We've got some downstairs. I'll get it right now.

    Arthur Biehl: Keep him warm with this blanket. Such a fine man. What a shame. I wonder what happened.

    Doctor: We've gotta keep him going until they get here.

    Arthur Biehl: [on telephone, distant] Gladys, this is Arthur again, in Mr. Collier's suite. We've got to

    [fades out]

  • [in order to rescue Denny from arrest on bogus murder charges, Lasses poses as the Sheriff]

    Hotel manager: Oh, Sheriff! Don't you want to view the remains?

    Lasses: He's dead - I reckon he'll wait.

  • Hotel Manager: [after Manco crosses a name off the hotel registrar and checks in] "He's nothing but a wild vicious animal."

    Mary - Hotel Manager's Beautiful Wife: [Hotel Manager steps off a stool, walks behind Mary and is approximately 5' 5 - 6" tall] "He's tall!" "Isn't he."

    Mary - Hotel Manager's Beautiful Wife: [Mary, with a big smile, watches Manco leave the front desk and lobby]

    Hotel Manager: [Hotel Manager walks around Mary to go put a lantern on a cabinet by the front door] "You're just dirty!"

  • Charters: You can't expect to put the two of us up in the maid's room.

    Hotel Manager: Well don't get excited. I'll remove the maid out.

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