Hotel Desk Clerk Quotes in RoboCop 3 (1993)


Hotel Desk Clerk Quotes:

  • Robocop: Where's McDaggett?

    Hotel Desk Clerk: Room 212.

    Robocop: Thank you. I hope you are insured.

  • Hotel Desk Clerk: He's a photographer from Sao Paulo. The two girls are models. They came down for a photo shoot. He says he works for a fashion magazine. If you ask me, I bet it's a sex one.

  • Hotel Desk Clerk: [looking at the Griswolds passports with laughter] ... Typical American assholes.

  • Hotel Desk Clerk: If I may say so, Mr. Ellis' sickness bears a curious relationship to whiskey.

  • Mr. Codd: I'd like to know what he thinks he's doing.

    Hotel Desk Clerk: I'd like to know how he does it.

  • Lompoc Ladies Auxiliary: I shall make it my business to see that the Lompoc Ladies Auxiliary will be involved. I thought this was a family hotel?

    Hotel Desk Clerk: Oh, yes. Yes, in deed, it is. Mr. Snoopington has a touch of ptomaine.

    Lompoc Ladies Auxiliary: Hmm. It didn't smell like ptomaine.

  • Richard Parker: I'm looking for an Olivia Camen.

    Hotel Desk Clerk: She's down at the Dominion Cafe.

    Richard Parker: Where's that?

    Hotel Desk Clerk: It's the joint on East Broad and Bay.

    Richard Parker: Could you walk it from here?

    Hotel Desk Clerk: No. But you could.

  • Danny Fisher: What room is the party in?

    Hotel Desk Clerk: I beg your pardon, what party?

    Danny Fisher: You know, the PARTY the fellas are having!

    Hotel Desk Clerk: Oh! Oh! It's up in room #205.

  • Hotel desk clerk: I thought you were dead.

    Jacob 'Big Jake' McCandles: Dead? The next person who says that I'm gonna shoot, so help me.

  • Hotel Desk Clerk: I got a room; put your cross down. Two bucks without a window, three bucks with - in advance.

    Deputy Ed Garry: How much extra for a *bed*?

  • [Dan is measuring Eli for a coffin]

    Doc Allen Vinson: Uh-oh. Uh-oh. Never mind, Dan - he's still breathin'. Too bad.

    Hotel Desk Clerk: Don't worry about it, Doc. You'll get him sometime anyway.

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