Horse Quotes in Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993)


Horse Quotes:

  • [Broomhilde prepares to jump on horse from the balcony]

    Horse: [makes loud noise and shakes head]

    subtitle: She's got to be kidding!

  • Darwin: Where's the bathroom?

    Horse: You're standing on it!

  • Darwin: [sighs] I could use a hot bath and a good meal.

    Horse: [Scottish Accent] You're in luck. They'll be bringing the hay down any minute.

    Darwin: I'm to eat hay?

    Horse: Aye, and sweet, crunchy oats from time to time too.

    Darwin: Oh, that changes everything.

  • Horse: [Thunder expels loud farting]

    Darwin: [Disgusted sigh] I'm beginning to see why they call you Thunder.

    [sprays perfume, scoffs]

    Darwin: Never mind.

  • Danny: Look at you standing there with the long, long face.

    Horse: [to another horse] Hey, he must be talking to you.

  • Narrator: Yes, the horse, the servant of mankind, the aristocrat of the animal kingdom. Noble, faithful, obedient, and kind, most magnificent of all dumb animals

    Horse: Dumb?

  • Horseman: [saluting] View halloo!

    Horse: [also saluting] Oh, yes, definitely. A view halloo.

    Fox: View halloo?

    [the horseman blows his bugle and the others pursue the fox]

    Fox: Faith and begora, 'tis them Redcoats again!

  • Woody: Nice grab, Horse. How's it hangin'?

    Horse: To the floor, my friend. Now what's say we shift this baby into warp drive, huh? Wancha to feel the wind blowin' through the hair in your fine, muscular ass.

  • Horse: Yo, hop in, man. We got places to go, people to see, women to impregnate. Let's go.

  • Horse: Do you know what the coach would do to your nuts if you don't show up tonight? No, I'll tell you: He will grind them into dust - nut dust.

  • Dave: Well, I just pray they're a bit more understanding about us, that's all.

    Horse: You what?

    Dave: Well, they're going to be looking at us like that, aren't they, Eh? I mean, what if next Friday 400 women turn 'round and say "He's too fat, he's too old and he's a pigeon-chested little tosser."? What happens then, eh?

    Horse: They wouldn't say that, would they?

    Dave: Why not? He's just said her tits are too big.

    Lomper: That's different. We're... blokes.

    Dave: Yeah, and?

    Gerald: I think she's got nice tits, actually.

    Lomper: I never said owt about her personality, like. I mean, she's probably quite nice if you get to know her.

    Dave: No. And they won't say nowt about your personality neither. Which is good 'cause you're basically a bastard. Bollocks to your personality - this is what they're looking at, right? And I'll tell you summat, mate. Anti-wrinkle cream there may be, but anti-fat-bastard cream there is none.

  • Horse: No, but... what I mean to say is... my willy...

    Lomper: *Your* willy? *My* willy!

  • Dole Clerk: Have you been actively looking for work in the last fortnight?

    Horse: Yes

    Dole Clerk: Have you done any work, paid or unpaid in the last fortnight?

    Horse: No

    Dole Clerk: That's not what I've heard

  • Horse: No-one said anything to me about the full monty!

  • Gaz: So, uh, Horse... What can you do?

    Horse: I dunno, really... Let's see, there's the, uh... The bump, the stomp, the bus stop... Me breakdancing days are probably over, but there's always the funky chicken.

  • Horse: I think I'm going to be sick

  • Maa: Darn silly carry-on, if you ask me.

    Horse: The cat says, they call it Christmas

    Ferdinand: Christmas! Christmas dinner, yeah. Dinner means death. Death means carnage! CHRISTMAS MEANS CARNAGE!

    [flies away frantically]


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