Horror Quotes in The Pagemaster (1994)


Horror Quotes:

  • [upon meeting Captain Ahab]

    Fantasy: He's possessed!

    Horror: He's insane!

    Adventure: He's my kinda guy!

  • [last lines]

    Adventure: Hmm, you know what would make this a happy ending? A kiss.

    Horror: Doh, okay.

    [the screen goes blank, a smack is heard]

    Adventure: I meant from her!

    [all three are heard laughing]

  • Richard Tyler: Hey! How'd you get here?

    Fantasy: Quit it! We are in the presence of the Pagemaster.

    Richard Tyler: I *know* who he is. He's the guy who did all THIS to me! Do you have any idea what I've been through?

    The Pagemaster: Tell me.

    Richard Tyler: I was nearly torn to shreds by a crazy doctor, I was made a slave to a bunch of mangy pirates, and eaten. Got that? Eaten by a fire-breathing dragon!

    Horror: He don't mean it, my Pagemaster. He don't mean it.

    Richard Tyler: Not to mention being tossed, squashed, and scared practically to death!

    The Pagemaster: Yet you stand before me.

    Richard Tyler: Well, yeah.

    The Pagemaster: Think, boy. What kind of an adventure would you have had if I brought you here with the turn of a page?

  • Horror: Sixteen men on a dead man's stomach...

    Fantasy: No, no! Chest! Chest!

  • Horror: Horror always has sad endings.

    Fantasy: I come from a world of happy endings, why don't you come with us?

  • Horror: We are lusty, adventurous men.

  • Horror: [to Adventure] I know I'm not your favorite kind of book, but I could be just like you.

    Adventure: You'll *never* be Adventure! You ain't got the spine for it!

    Fantasy: Come on, honey, even books have spines!

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