Horace Slughorn Quotes in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009)


Horace Slughorn Quotes:

  • Horace Slughorn: [talking to Harry about his fish] It was a student who gave me Francis. One Spring afternoon I discovered a bowl on my desk, just a few inches of clear water in it. Floating on the surface was a flower petal. As I washed, it sank. Just when it reached the bottom, it transformed into a wee fish. It was beautiful magic, wondrous to the behold. The flower petal had come from a lily, your mother. The day I came downstairs, the day the bowl was empty, was the day your mother...

  • Horace Slughorn: [shocked] Harry!

    Harry Potter: [imitating Slughorn and hyper from the Felix potion] Sir!

  • [Slughorn is snipping tentacular leaves through a window in the greenhouse; Harry, who is walking by, notices Slughorn and walks up behind him. Slughorn is startled]

    Horace Slughorn: Aaauughh!... Merlin's beard, Harry!

    Harry Potter: Oh, sorry, sir, I should've announced myself. Cleared my throat. Coughed. You probably feared I was Professor Sprout!

    Horace Slughorn: Yes, I did actually!... What made you think that?

    Harry Potter: Oh, well, just the general behavior, sir - the sneaking around, jumping when you saw me... Are those tentacular leaves, sir? They're very valuable, aren't they?

    Horace Slughorn: Ten Galleons a leaf to the right buyer!... Not that I'm familiar with any such back alley transactions, but one does hear rumors. My own interests are purely academic, of course.

    Harry Potter: Personally, these plants always kind of freak me out.

  • Horace Slughorn: Harry! I must insist you accompany me back to the castle immediately!

    Harry Potter: That would be counterproductive, sir!

    Horace Slughorn: What makes you say that?

    Harry Potter: No idea!

  • Horace Slughorn: Exactly how did you get out of the castle, Harry?

    Harry Potter: Through the front door sir.

  • Horace Slughorn: I would have thought an expert potion-maker like yourself could whip up an antidote for a love potion in no time, Harry?

    Harry Potter: Well, sir, I think this called for a more practiced hand.

    Ron Weasley: [throws his arms around Slughorn] Hello, darling. Fancy a drink?

    Horace Slughorn: Perhaps you're right.

  • Rubeus Hagrid: [talking about Aragog] I had him from an egg, you know? Tiny little thing he was when he hatched. No bigger than a Pekingese. A Pekingese, mind you!

    Horace Slughorn: How sweet! I once had a fish... Francis. He was very dear to me. One afternoon, I came downstairs and... it vanished. Poof.

    Rubeus Hagrid: That's very odd, isn't it?

    Horace Slughorn: Yes, doesn't it? But that's life! I suppose, you - you go along with and suddenly... poof.

    Rubeus Hagrid: Poof.

    Harry Potter: Poof.

  • Horace Slughorn: What about you, Miss Granger? What do your parents do in the muggle world?

    Hermione Granger: Ah, my parents are dentists.

    Horace Slughorn: And is that considered a dangerous profession?

  • Horace Slughorn: [during Aragog's funeral] Farewell, Aragog. King of the arachnids. Your body will decay... but your spirit lingers on and your human friends find solace, the loss they have sustained.

  • Harry Potter: What brings you here, sir?

    Horace Slughorn: [good-naturedly/drunkenly] Oh, the Three Broomsticks and I go way back! Farther back than I care to admit! Ho ho ho... Why I can remember when it was just ONE Broomstick!

    [Slughorn chuckles and spills his drink all over the table, splashing Hermione; she jumps away]

    Horace Slughorn: Whoops! All hands on deck, there, Granger!

  • Horace Slughorn: Thank you for the pineapple, you're quite right, it is my favorite - but how did you know?

    Tom Riddle - Age 16: Intuition.

  • Horace Slughorn: [showing Harry pictures] I taught the whole Black family, except Sirius, it's a shame. I got Regulus when he came around of course, but I would have liked the set.

  • Horace Slughorn: [in regard to returning to Hogwarts] All right, I'll do it! But I want Professor Merrythought's office, not that water closet I had before. And I want a raise, these are mad times we live in. MAD!

  • [Harry persuades Slughorn to hand over his true memory]

    Horace Slughorn: Please don't think badly of me when you see it. You have no idea what he was like... even back then.

  • Ron Weasley: [he puts his arms around Professor Slughorn thinking he is Romilda Vane] Hello darling fancy a drink?

    Horace Slughorn: Perhaps you're right Harry.

  • Harry Potter: [Harry knocks on the door of Professor Slughorn's room] I'm sorry, sir. I wouldn't bother you if it weren't essential.

    Ron Weasley: Where's Romilda?

    Horace Slughorn: What's the matter with Wenby?

    Harry Potter: [Whispers] Very powerful love potion.

    Horace Slughorn: Very well. Better bring him in. I'd have thought you could have whipped up a remedy for this in no time, Harry.

    Harry Potter: I'd have thought that this called for a more practised hand, sir.

    Ron Weasley: [Ron wraps his arms around Professor Slughorn and looks at him romantically] Hello Darling. Fancy a drink?

    Horace Slughorn: Perhaps you're right.

  • [after exposing Slughorn's disguise]

    Albus Dumbledore: I must say, Horace, you make a very convincing armchair.

    Horace Slughorn: Oh, thank you. It's all in the upholstry.

    [pats his stomach]

    Horace Slughorn: I come about the stuffing naturally.

  • Horace Slughorn: [from trailer]

    [to class]

    Horace Slughorn: What you see here before you is a curious little potion. It does cause infatuation or obsession.

  • Horace Slughorn: [from trailer] Now get out of here at once!

  • Horace Slughorn: [from trailer] These are mad times we live in! Mad!

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