Ho Tse Sung Quotes in A Better Tomorrow (1986)


Ho Tse Sung Quotes:

  • Mark Gor: You think learning will help you? Don't think reading gangster books will make you the boss. Have you ever had a gun pointed at your head? No. Twelve years ago... twelve years already. For the first time, I went with Ho to bring goods to Indonesia. The boss there treated us to dinner in the night club. I said something wrong to displease the boss. Then there were two guns pointed at my head. I was forced to dring a bottle of whisky. I was so scared, I pissed my pants! Fortunately, Ho drank the whole bottle of whisky for me. But it got even worse after that. Four guns were pointed at my head! You know they made me drink? Piss! Drink piss in a night club! You want to learn? That's learning! That's how we got through out first job.

    Ho Tse Sung: That's all in the past. Forget about it.

    Mark Gor: No! I have never cried before; that was the first time I cried. I swore I'd never let anyone point a gun at my head again!

  • Ho Tse Sung: Do you believe there's a God?

    Mark Gor: Yes. I am God. You're one. A god can be human. A god is someone who controls his destiny. Sometimes, there's things you can't control. You win some, you lose some.

  • Ho Tse Sung: Wow. You're good at bullshitting. Your english has improved. You can even say "Of course."

    Mark Gor: [in English] Of course!

  • Ho Tse Sung: Kit...

    Tse-Kit Sung: Don't ever call me Kit again! You will adress me as "Officer!"

    Ho Tse Sung: Officer... I'm no longer the Big Boss. I haven't the Big Boss for a long time.

  • Ho Tse Sung: Mark, this is not our world anymore.

  • [after being released and seeing Mark Gor, who is now living in the Triad building parking lot]

    Ho Tse Sung: Mark... why did you lie to me in your letters?

  • Shing: Business is good right now. I was hoping that you'd like to cooperate.

    Ho Tse Sung: Why's that?

    Shing: You're still our boss. Mark will handle money trafficking. I traffic the drugs. Earn some money for the company. There's too many old debts, we need you to get our money back.

    Ho Tse Sung: Get to the point.

    Shing: We need an insider at the police department. Maybe your brother? There's nothing better than having one of your own on the force.

    Ho Tse Sung: Come here. I have something to tell you.

    [drags Shing into a board room]

    Ho Tse Sung: What if I don't accept?

    Shing: Sung Tse Ho, I respect you, so I'm keeping that dead fish, Mark, here. But your brother knows no limits! He follows me everyday! If I didn't respect you, he'd be dead already!

    Ho Tse Sung: Shing, one is my friend, one is my brother. If I can't promise you this, how can I walk out this door? I don't care if you insult me, but don't insult my friend! And if you dare hurt my brother... you'll live to regret it!

  • Ho Tse Sung: Sir! I'm not any big brother anymore.

  • Father Sung: Ho...

    Ho Tse Sung: Dad...

    Father Sung: You should get out of the business. Your brother has no idea what you're doing. I remember when you kids played Cops & Robbers together. Even when he lost, he still wanted to be the cop. I don't want to see you two brothers play this game for real.

  • Mark Gor: Mark, even with my two legs broken, I could never make it up to you.

    Mark Gor: Stupid, I just had some back luck. Don't worry about it. I'm so happy to see you again. It's been so long. You still look good.

    Ho Tse Sung: Mark, this is not our world anymore. Why are you still staying here?

    Mark Gor: I've waited for you for three years! Three years!

    Ho Tse Sung: We can start over again.

    Mark Gor: Don't worry about me. Look after your brother. He's been following Shing everyday. It's getting dangerous. Anyhow, you two are real brothers.

  • Ken: [after Sung Tse Ho beats up several triad members for destroying the lot at United Taxi Co] You bastard!

    Ho Tse Sung: Ken, it's my fault. I didn't mean to involve you!

    Ken: If you fight back, you're just like them! They beat on people because they're weak! If you hit them back, you'll be back where you started! It's so hard to change paths! Why'd you even bother?

  • Ho Tse Sung: They say one with a dirty mouth steps on shit entering an elevator.

  • Tse-Kit Sung: [Kit poses a police officer] This is a search!

    Ho Tse Sung: Don't joke with me.

    Tse-Kit Sung: Turn around!

    Ho Tse Sung: We both have guns. If you don't respect me, I won't respect you.

    Tse-Kit Sung: Let's see who's not respecting the other.

    [Ho turns around and finds out it's Kit, who is behind him]

  • Tse-Kit Sung: [interrogating Ho] Where you do work?

    Ho Tse Sung: United Taxi Co.

    Tse-Kit Sung: A regular job? Robbing with a taxi? Where do you live, thief?

    Ho Tse Sung: United Taxi Co.

    Tse-Kit Sung: Someone's willing to take in a thief like you?

  • [as Ho first enters United Taxi Co]

    Ho Tse Sung: You the manager?

    Ken: There's no manager here.

  • Ho Tse Sung: A new girlfriend... I hope this time, it'll last.

    Tse-Kit Sung: That depends on how she behaves.

  • Ho Tse Sung: Shing, one is my friend, one is my brother.

  • [last lines]

    Ho Tse Sung: Kit. You've done nothing wrong. We are on different paths. Yours is the right one. I lost my way before, but I want to find my way back if it's not too late.

  • Ho Tse Sung: I want to see Kit get married.

    Mark Gor: See him consummate his marriage, have a baby, then his life will be even harder!

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