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  • [last lines]

    Inventor Goro Ibuki: [speaking into the Miniature Control Transmitter] Jet Jaguar, lets go now.

    [an idle Jet Jaguar nods in response and walks away]

    Hiroshi Jinkawa: Oh? What's the matter with him?

    Inventor Goro Ibuki: [smiles in fascination] Dunno... I guess he decided his job was done. But still, I reckon he'd do it again, if the need ever rose again.

    Hiroshi Jinkawa: Well, let's just hope that it doesn't. We'll warn the scientists to be more careful in the future, and let Seatopia rest in peace.

    [Goro nods in agreement]

    Rokuro 'Roku-chan' Ibuki: [starts to catch up with Jet Jaguar] Hey! Hey! Jet Jaguar!

  • [Gigan flies along to enter the fray and aid Megalon against Jet Jaguar]

    Rokuro 'Roku-chan' Ibuki: Oh! Gigan's come! Just look!

    Hiroshi Jinkawa: Whose side's he on?

    Inventor Goro Ibuki: The monster's of course!

  • [Hiroshi is tied to a chair in Goro's lab, held hostage by the lead Seatopian agent]

    Hiroshi Jinkawa: Where are you taking my friends?

    Lead Seatopian Agent: To the kingdom of Seatopia.

    Hiroshi Jinkawa: Seatopia?

    Lead Seatopian Agent: That's right. It's a country below the surface of the sea. It was engulfed in an earthquake millions of years ago, and most of its people survived. They managed to create their own oxygen supply, and later were able to construct their own sun.

    Hiroshi Jinkawa: So the legend's true!

    Lead Seatopian Agent: We are a very advanced people. Our scientists are much superior to yours.

    Hiroshi Jinkawa: Well, if you're so damn clever, why steal our robot?

    Lead Seatopian Agent: We have few people. We need to have robots in order to build up an army. Now, we don't have the time to invent them.

    Hiroshi Jinkawa: Oh yeah? You mean you're too dumb!

    Lead Seatopian Agent: [insulted] Why you...

    [the agent slaps Hiroshi, who manages to break his bonds and fight back]

  • [Goro, Hiroshi and Rokuro are on their way back to the laboratory, and listen to a radio on their car]

    Radio Announcer: And now for the latest news flash: Earthquakes are still being experienced in many parts of the Pacific. It is feared many lives have been lost. According to the National Seismic Institute, the disturbances were undoubtedly caused by the nuclear tests. They also warn that more tremors are expected.

    Hiroshi Jinkawa: Incredible, isn't it? What the hell are they trying to do, wipe us all out or something?

    Inventor Goro Ibuki: You're right. They'll kill the whole world off in one day, submerge the land and drown us all. We'll vanish like Mu and Lemuria.

    Rokuro 'Roku-chan' Ibuki: What's that? Where's those places? I never heard of them before.

    Inventor Goro Ibuki: I'll tell you. They were continents that existed a long time ago. One in the Pacific, one in the Indian Ocean. Then, one day, there was a big earthquake... and they both vanished. Mind you, I must say, the majority of historians believe they only existed in legend.

  • Hiroshi Jinkawa: Look, you're sure you want to go? Could be damned dangerous.

    Inventor Goro Ibuki: I know but I built that robot myself. I feel responsible.

    Hiroshi Jinkawa: So he's like a son? That's very touching.

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