High Priestess Quotes in Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014)


High Priestess Quotes:

  • High Priestess: [reading fowl entrails] In the battle a leader will be saved, and his savior will someday lead.

    Moses: [laughs] Then the entrails should also say that we will abandon reason and be guided by omens.

  • High Priestess: Mr. Gorsky, when I kill, I kill for good.

    Gorsky: Are you threatening me?

    High Priestess: Bless your soul.

    Gorsky: You'd need a nuke to kill me!

    [lights flash warning of incoming missile]

    Gorsky: Bitch.

    [missile explodes]

  • High Priestess: Sarek, your son.

    Young Sarek: ...So human.

  • High Priestess: I wish it was Sunday.

    Fool: How do I know for sure you are who I think you are?

    High Priestess: Well, for one, we were just speaking in code. And two... I currently have a Para Carry 9mm pointed squarely at your crotch. I'm High Priestess. Nice to meet you.

  • Chariot: Let's put it this way: If it weren't for Omega...

    Fool: Which is who?

    High Priestess: Us.

    Chariot: ...the Middle East would be a cloud of dust right now.

    Fool: Uh, isn't the Middle East already kind of a cloud of dust?

    High Priestess: He meant literally.

  • High Priestess: Can you believe this? 70 years of government fuckups all in one room. I bet you half of these are from the past eight years.

  • Chariot: Do you want to do the introductions?

    High Priestess: No, my fucking feet hurt.

  • High priestess: Unga bunga banga wanga. Him we like for making Konga.

    [points at Ray]

    Luce Habit: Sanga banga wanga danga! Him? No! But I pay you much to see Konga.

    High priestess: Siga miga figa! Biga! Yaka buga huga!

    Ray Fay: What's she saying?

    Luce Habit: She said: "No!". Suga muga buga friga baruga.

    High priestess: Yaka buga. Que sera sera...

    Ray Fay: What's that?

    Luce Habit: She says she wants you because you look like Doris Day.

    Ray Fay: Who's he?

  • [Last lines. Following Cleopatra's suicide]

    Agrippa: Was this well done of your lady?

    High Priestess: Extremely well. As befitting the last of so many noble rulers.

    Narrator: [Repeating the previous lines] And the Roman asked, "Was this well done of your lady?" And the servant answered, "Extremely well. As befitting the last of so many noble rulers."

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