Hicks Quotes in Enemy of the State (1998)


Hicks Quotes:

  • [the NSA team is watching satellite footage of a conversation between Dean and Brill on a rooftop]

    Hicks: Can you get a feature scan and pattern matching on him?

    Van: No, he's smart, he never looks up.

    Jones: Why does he have to look up?

    Fiedler: The satellite is 155 miles above the Earth. It can only look straight down.

    Jones: That's a bit limited, isn't it?

    Van: [Sarcastically] Well, maybe you should design a better one.

    Jones: Maybe I will idiot.

  • Hicks: [after Priest explained that Hicks should anticipate a vampire's move, he had to learn how to see their movement from Point A to Point B. And Hicks was apparently learning because he just, finally, shot a vampire] Point A? Meet point fucking B.

  • Hicks: [Priest is carving crosses into bullets] What's with all the bullets? I thought priests didn't use firearms.

    Priest: We don't. They're for you.

  • Priest: [Hicks has finally grown a pair and saves Priest's life] You would have made a good priest.

    Hicks: Thanks!

    Priest: [Small pause] Don't let it go to your head!

  • Hicks: [inside the tank] What was that bump?

    Walters: Oh shit, man. We just ran over a car, man, we just squashed a car!

    Hicks: What kind of car?

    Walters: A Volkswagen, a fucking Beetle!

    Hicks: Oh, no. We squashed a beetle.


  • Radio Operator: Bravo Two Zero, Bravo Two Zero come in. Bravo Two Zero, Bravo Two Zero come in.

    Hicks: Shit, turn that down man, turn down the fucking music.

    Radio Operator: Bravo Two Zero please respond, what's going on Hicks?

    Hicks: Uh... Bravo Two Zero here.

    Radio Operator: Bravo Two Zero commence tactical maneuver area two nine alpha romeo, take position on three nine foxtrot delta four seven.

    Hicks: Fuck. What the hell is... two nine... alpha romeo?

  • Cash: What happened earlier was not our fault, Dregs will realize that.

    Hicks: Then what's with all the proper precautions?

    Cash: That's exactly what they are... precautions.

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