Herr Eric Koerger Quotes in Thank You, Mr. Moto (1937)


Herr Eric Koerger Quotes:

  • Madame Tchernov: You'll never find out that way!

    Schneider: Chinese are stubborn swine. You could kill them before they'll talk.

    Herr Eric Koerger: I'll give you one more chance.

    Prince Chung: No.

    [Koerger got an idea]

    Herr Eric Koerger: Untie his mother. Bring her in. Perhaps you'll change your mind.

  • Madame Chung: My son, I am proud of you.

    Herr Eric Koerger: He refuses to tell where your scrolls are.

    Madame Chung: Did you expect him to bring dishonor upon his family?

    Herr Eric Koerger: Well, perhaps he'll talk to protect you.

    Prince Chung: [Begging] No! Stop!

    Madame Chung: You have no fear for me.

    Prince Chung: Please! No!

    [Punched in Madam Chung's face]

    Prince Chung: Stop! Don't, please!

    Madame Chung: He will never tell you.

    [Koerger will hurt Madam Chung again]

    Prince Chung: No! No!

    Herr Eric Koerger: I warned you.

    Prince Chung: [Sobbing] Wait! I'll tell!

    Madame Chung: Do not speak.

    Herr Eric Koerger: Well, where are they?

    Prince Chung: I'll tell!

    Herr Eric Koerger: Well?

    Madame Chung: Do not bring disgrace upon your ancestors.

    Prince Chung: They are in the vault. Behind the shrine.

  • Schneider: Are they all there?

    Herr Eric Koerger: We'll see.

    [Looking up scrolls]

    Herr Eric Koerger: How scroll shows us a certain pagoda, it fits in here somewhere. Wait, there's a Marco Polo Bridge. That's the start.

    Schneider: And that must be the second one. The River.

    Herr Eric Koerger: Now, we follow the river, till we come pagoda on our scrolls. Now the inscription on our scroll is a poem describing the view from the top terrace of the pagoda. It must be this mountain pass of that section the Great Wall.

    Schneider: That's Nenko Pass. I can recognize it.

    Herr Eric Koerger: Let me have the scroll you took from Moto's room.

    Schneider: Here it is.

    Herr Eric Koerger: That makes seven. That's the complete set. Let's get started.

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