Herod Quotes in The Miracle Maker (2000)


Herod Quotes:

  • Herod: You say this Jesus can perform the impossible?

    Ben Azra: Oh he can perform powerful illusions Majesty.

    Herod: Powerful illusions. Well isn't all human power an illusion?

    Pharisee: Not the Kingship granted to Herod.

    Herod: You really are encouraging to a vulnerable soul. Oh, if only Caesar was as sympathetic as you. But if I fail to govern my people, what will happen to us if Pilate sends reports back to Rome? And if this Jesus goes on and on performing such extraordinary tricks? Hmm? Where will it end?

  • Herod: Oh what a pleasure. What an honour to be in the presence of the King. The King of the Jews! Look, I bow, I kiss your feet. Robes! The finest. A crown.

    [he presents the crown of thorns]

    Herod: Send his majesty back to Pilate! Let Rome decide the fate of this dumb prophet. This marvellous mute King of Jews.

  • Herod: Yes. The death of John was... unfortunate.

    Ben Azra: But necessary my lord Herod! A warning to the people!

    Herod: To warn them of what?

    Ben Azra: Disobeying their rulers. Destroying *your* kingdom.

    Herod: You do have a talent for easing my conscience. And yet one dead prophet is clearly not enough for you.

  • Herod: Another failure. I can't count on anyone. No, I didn't mean to say that. I can count on you.

    [Belial enters the room]

    Herod: But all I've got is trouble. Everyone wants my throne. I need the royal treasures. I need them!

    Belial: You're an oaf. You're looking in the wrong places.

    Herod: That's because I'm in a hurry! In a hurry! I'm an impatient king.

    Belial: For a long time now, I've been studying the signs in the heavens, and they reveal we're closer to the treasures than ever before. We must not make any more false moves. An incredible force is about to emerge, and only with the powers of the treasures will I be able to destroy it. You just make sure you control the people. And above all, get a grip on yourself.

    Herod: I'm trying to, Belial.

    Belial: Pathetic attempt.

  • Herod: Lucius, order every first born male child put to the sword.

    Lucius: I am a Roman soldier. I do not murder children.

  • Cleopatra: Welcome.

    Herod: I hope to renew an old friendship.

    Cleopatra: I hope so too.

    Herod: Well, time has made you older and wiser - and me younger and more beautiful.

  • Herod: My friend, when a man is drunk with love, he can't divide his concentration with wine, you know. All major emotions are greedy.

  • Herod: Aaron, I can let you die quickly, or I can keep you alive so that you will curse the woman who brought you into this world.

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