Henry Lowndes Quotes in Too Many Husbands (1940)


Henry Lowndes Quotes:

  • Henry Lowndes: [to his secretary, Gertrude Houlihan] Have it mimeographed for the staff, the printer and the complete mailing list.

  • Henry Lowndes: The linotypers are on strike!

  • Henry Lowndes: Vicky, will you tell Peter to have dinner at six o'clock so I can go back to the office. The linotypers strike throws our whole schedule into a cocked hat.

  • Bill Cardew: I'm out of your life. Drowned. Forgotten. You found a new love. That makes me an unwanted corpse at a party. I'll go.

    Vicky Lowndes: No, no dear. We don't feel that way at all. Do we, Henry?

    Henry Lowndes: I think he described himself perfectly!

  • Henry Lowndes: [Sarcastically] Rave on, you wonderful thing!

  • Henry Lowndes: Buck up, Bill!

  • Henry Lowndes: Close your eyes and - plunge!

  • Henry Lowndes: Bill - he's everything a woman loves: handsome, reckless, unreliable, athletic, selfish.

  • Henry Lowndes: I'm licked, Vicky.

  • Henry Lowndes: Mrs. Lowndes should be back? Oh well, a woman at her hair dressers.

  • Bill Cardew: She's been a good little wife.

    Henry Lowndes: To both of us!

  • Vicky Lowndes: Where did you go?

    Henry Lowndes: Oh, places

    Bill Cardew: Dumps, joints.

    Vicky Lowndes: I see. The condemned men had a hardy drunk!

  • Henry Lowndes: Who ruined our lives? Who sent us out to saturate ourselves with liquid poison?

    Bill Cardew: Yes. What did we talk about with every woman that sat down with us?

    Henry Lowndes: Vicki. Our wife!

  • Henry Lowndes: Well, there's something wrong. You both act as if I'm repulsive

  • Henry Lowndes: Are you trying to tell me that you didn't love me, that you married me just because I was so kind?

    Bill Cardew: She's telling me what kind of a rat you were, taking advantage of a helpless widow.

    Henry Lowndes: There, you said it yourself. If you call her a widow, that proves that even you thought you were dead.

    Bill Cardew: I'll show you how dead I am.

  • Henry Lowndes: Are you stupid enough to believe that I'd leave you here with my wife?

    Bill Cardew: Your wife?

    Henry Lowndes: Or anybody's wife?

  • Henry Lowndes: Vicky, as your legal husband, I'm asking you to order this cad out of the house.

    Bill Cardew: As her legal husband, I'm asking you to shut your mouth before I slit your throat.

  • Henry Lowndes: What are you whispering?

    Vicky Lowndes: I wasn't whispering.

    Bill Cardew: I was showing her where a barracuda bit me.

  • Henry Lowndes: A fine thing. And may I comment in passing that it seems awfully strange to order a man out of his own bedroom just because a squealing corpse has washed ashore.

    Bill Cardew: This! This is the night I dreamed about while I starved on berries and fish.

  • Bill Cardew: Say, where are my suits?

    Henry Lowndes: I gave them to a tramp.

    Bill Cardew: You didn't even save one to bury me in?

  • Henry Lowndes: I suppose this is hypnotism, a little thing you picked up on your island.

    Bill Cardew: I was just seeing you at my wedding, my best man.

    Henry Lowndes: Oh, that wedding. You should have seen mine.

    Bill Cardew: My best man... offering a toast. "To Bill," he says, "the one man in the world I'd gladly die for."

    Henry Lowndes: Oh, did I say that?

    Bill Cardew: Well, I'm ready. Let's see you gladly die.

  • Bill Cardew: This is my table, and I want a steak.

    Henry Lowndes: A glorious night for romance, and you want to tear a cow apart with your teeth.

  • Vicky Lowndes: [In the guest bedroom where both men are to sleep this night] I just thought I'd see if you were all right.

    Bill Cardew: I don't feel very good.

    Vicky Lowndes: No? What's the matter?

    Bill Cardew: Fever, I guess. Deadly tropical fever.

    Vicky Lowndes: Your forehead isn't hot.

    Bill Cardew: Don't take your hand away.

    Vicky Lowndes: Get some aspirin from the cabinet, will you, Henry?

    Henry Lowndes: Let him get his own aspirin. I don't feel any too well myself.

    Vicky Lowndes: Really, dear?

    Henry Lowndes: No.

    Vicky Lowndes: Stick out your tongue.

    Henry Lowndes: What's my tongue got to do with it? You held his head.

    Vicky Lowndes: Let me see your tongue. You know your stomach always goes bad first.

    Bill Cardew: [Looks at Henry sticking out his tongue] I'd be sick if I had that in my mouth.

    Vicky Lowndes: You're all right. Did you brush your teeth?

    Henry Lowndes: Ask him if he brushed his.

    Bill Cardew: Can I help it if somebody gave my toothbrush to a tramp?

    Henry Lowndes: The tramp wouldn't take it.

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