Henry J. Waternoose Quotes in Monsters, Inc. (2001)


Henry J. Waternoose Quotes:

  • Henry J. Waternoose: This has gone far enough, James.

    Sulley: She's home now. Just leave her alone!

    Henry J. Waternoose: I can't do that, James. She's seen too much. You both have.

    Sulley: It doesn't have to be this way.

    Henry J. Waternoose: I have no choice. Times have changed. Scaring isn't enough anymore.

    Sulley: But kidnapping children?

    Henry J. Waternoose: I'll kidnap a thousand children before I let this company die, and I'll silence anyone who gets in my way!

    [Waternoose knocks Sulley to the ground and lunges at Boo. He instead finds the simulated child]

    Voice: Simulation terminated. Simulation terminated...

    Henry J. Waternoose: [confused] Huh? But... What?

    [the lights come on and it's revealed that Boo's room is really the simulation room; Mike and several CDA agents are standing behind the console]

    Mike: I don't know about you guys, but I spotted several big mistakes. You know what? Let's watch my favorite part again, shall we?

    [replays the tape of Waternoose over and over]

  • [first lines]

    Flint: All right, Mr. Bile, is it?

    Bile: Uh, my friends call me Phlem.

    Flint: Uh-huh, Mr. Bile, can you tell me what you did wrong?

    Bile: I fell down?

    Flint: No, No, before that.

    [Turning to the Trainees behind her]

    Flint: Can anyone tell me Mr. Bile's big mistake? Anyone?

    [the Trainees look confused]

    Flint: [Playing the Footage on the Screen above of Bile entering the room] Alright let's check footage, right there. The Door! And leaving the door open is the worst mistake that any employee could make, because...

    Bile: Uh... it could let in a draft?

    Henry J. Waternoose: [Storming in] It could let in a child.

  • [Randall cuffs Boo onto the chair at the Scream Extractor, preparing to extract her screams to impress Waternoose]

    Henry J. Waternoose: Finally. I shouldn't have trusted you. Because of you, I had to banish my top scarer.

    Randall: Ah, with this machine, we won't need scarers. Besides, Sullivan got what he deserved.

    Henry J. Waternoose: Sullivan was twice the scarer you'll ever be!

  • Henry J. Waternoose: There's nothing more toxic or deadly than a human child. A single touch could kill you. Leave a door open, and one can walk right into this factory; right into the monster world.

    Trainee: I won't go into a kid's room. You can't make me.

    Henry J. Waternoose: You're going in there, because we need this.

    [Holds out a Scream Canister, which lets out a small scream that it Extracted]

    Henry J. Waternoose: Our city is counting on you to collect those screams. Without scream, we have no power. Yes, it's dangerous work, and that's why I need you to be at your best. I need scarers who are confident, tenacious, tough, intimidating. I need scarers like... like... James P. Sullivan.

  • Henry J. Waternoose: No, no, no, no, no. What was that? You're trying to scare the kid, not lull it to sleep.

    Bile: I was going for a snake-slash-ninja approach, with a little hissing.


    Henry J. Waternoose: How many times must I tell you? It's all about presence. About how you enter the room.

  • [Mike and Sulley, with the help of Waternoose, are preparing to send Boo home, but a huge metal door is brought out instead of Boo's]

    Mike: Sir, that's not her door.

    Henry J. Waternoose: I know, I know...

    [Suddenly, Randal materializes in front of the door and opens it, which leads out to a Harsh Cold Environment]

    Henry J. Waternoose: ...It's yours.

    [Waternoose, holding Boo, pushes Mike and Sulley through the door]

  • Henry J. Waternoose: Kids these days. They just don't get scared like they used to.

  • [Boo, in disguise, walks up to Mr. Waternoose]

    Henry J. Waternoose: Well hello, little one. Where did you come from?

    Sulley: Mr. Waternoose.

    Henry J. Waternoose: Ah, James. Is this one yours?

    Sulley: Ah, actually that's my uh, cousin's sister's daughter, sir.

    Mike: Yeah, it's uh, "Bring an Obscure Relative to Work Day".

    Henry J. Waternoose: Hmm, must have missed the memo.

  • [Sulley enters the Scare Simulator room with Mike and Boo in her costume, willing to ask for help which can send Boo home, forgetting Waternoose had been expecting him]

    Sulley: Mr. Waternoose?

    Henry J. Waternoose: James! You're just in time. OK Gentleman. It's time for you to see how scaring really works.

    [Mike picks up Boo and walks away]

    Sulley: But sir, I just wanted to ask...

    [the lights go out, as if it's nighttime, and the Simulator Child goes to sleep]

    Boo: [Excited to watch Sulley] Kitty!

    Mike: No Boo. I wouldn't...

    Henry J. Waternoose: Now, give us a a Great Big Roar.

    Sulley: Sir, can I just...

    Henry J. Waternoose: Roar!

    Sulley: But sir...

    Henry J. Waternoose: ROAR!

    [Sulley without choice, lunges out at the Simulator Child and lets out a load roar, causing it to scream. Little did he know that Boo was standing close by, watching in horror]

    Henry J. Waternoose: [Applauds] Well done James. Well done. Well Gentleman, I hope you've all learnt a valuable lesson...

    [Sulley notices Boo run off crying, terrified from his roar]

  • Henry J. Waternoose: [Being arrested by the CDA] I hope you're happy, Sullivan. You destroyed this company. Monsters Incorporated is dead! Where will everyone get their scream now? The energy crisis will only get worse, because of you!

    [the Doors close as Waternoose is dragged out]

  • Henry J. Waternoose: What a day.

    Sulley: It's just a rough patch, sir. Everyone knows you'll get us through it.

    Henry J. Waternoose: Tell that to the board of directors.

  • Henry J. Waternoose: James, this company has been in my family for three generations. I would do anything to keep it from going under.

    Sulley: So would I, sir.

    Henry J. Waternoose: Say, I could use your help with something.

    Sulley: Anything, sir.

    Henry J. Waternoose: You see, we've recently hired some new recruits, and frankly, they're... um...

    Sulley: Inexperienced?

    Henry J. Waternoose: Oh, they stink!

    Sulley: Uh-huh.

    Henry J. Waternoose: I thought you could drop by the simulator tomorrow and give them a little scare demonstration, show them what it takes to be our top scarer.

    Sulley: I'll start with the old Waternoose Jump-and-Growl.

    [Jumps and growls]

    Henry J. Waternoose: [Startled] Oh! Ha ha! That's my boy.

  • Henry J. Waternoose: [In the Distance] Finish him off!

    [Randall whilst invisible hits Sulley with a Scream Canister, knocking him down, which terrifies Boo who hides out of the way in the corner]

    Randall: You don't know how long I've waited to do that Sullivan!

  • Henry J. Waternoose: Well, Jerry, what's the damage so far?

    Jerry the floor manager: We may actually make our quota today.

    Henry J. Waternoose: Hmm, first time in a month.

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