Hendricks Quotes in Jaws (1975)


Hendricks Quotes:

  • Hendricks: So then Denherder and Charlie sat there trying to catch their breath - and to figure out how to tell Charlie's wife what happened to her freezer full of meat.

    Brody: That's not funny. That's not funny at all.

  • Brody: Take this stuff back to the office and get to work on those signs. "Beaches Closed - No Swimming. By the Order of the Amity PD". And let Polly do the printing.

    Hendricks: What's the matter with my printing?

    Brody: Let Polly do the printing.

  • Brody: What are you doing out there? These are your people - go and talk to them.

    Hendricks: Those aren't my people. They're from all over the place. Did you see all the license plates out in the parking lot? Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey... I'm all by myself out there.

  • [the launch snags a power line]

    Red: Oh, shit! Drop it!

    Hendricks: Wh- What is it?

    Red: Drop it! It's a power line!

    Hendricks: Oh, terrific!

  • Martin Brody: That boat's gonna take you in. Where the hell are they?

    Hendricks: About ten degrees off your starboard bow. You take...

    Martin Brody: Don't give me that shit, point!

  • Martin Brody: Oh, Hendricks, good! Right this way. Excuse us, please. I want you to come in here and, er, check out this 908.

    Hendricks: What the hell's a 908? I've never heard of a 908!

    Martin Brody: 908 means get me outta there!

  • Martin Brody: Better check the bite radius.

    Dr. Elkins: The what?

    Martin Brody: The shape of the mouth...

    Dr. Elkins: Whales mouth?

    Martin Brody: Shark's mouth.

    Dr. Elkins: What shark?

    Martin Brody: The shark that did this.

    Dr. Elkins: We don't know that, do we?

    Martin Brody: But we're here to find out!

    Dr. Elkins: And we will.

    Hendricks: I can't hear you if you're going to whisper!

  • [Hendricks and Red are dragging the ocean in the police launch]

    Red: We've been over this a dozen times.

    Hendricks: I know, I know!

    Red: How much longer?

    Hendricks: Until we find something!

    Red: But I'm cold, bored...

    Hendricks: You're bored?

  • Hendricks: He cares, that's the secret. It's in his voice. Do you know what that means to an advertiser?

    Donald Becker: Whoever wants the donuts without jelly, they're ready.

  • Hendricks: [on "Baird's" radio program while taking a listener] Well, he said "balls", "asshole", "son-of-a bitch" and finally "fuck". We're on okay on "balls", we're riffy on "son-of-a-bitch" and even "asshole" is somewhat anatomically potentially forgiveable. But there's no getting around "fuck".

  • Hendricks: But, eh, wasn't it Bertrand Russell who asked 'What is a killer but a hero out of uniform'?

  • Hendricks: Weapons can be as dangerous as maniacs.

  • [Hendricks stumbles out of a rented cabin, coughing and waving a blanket. Smoke is pouring out of the cabin]

    Hendricks: Deluxe cabin, my ass!

  • [last lines]

    FBI Agent Jake Malloy: How was the fishin'?

    Hendricks: Icy.

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