Heinrich Quotes in Die Hard (1988)


Heinrich Quotes:

  • John McClane: [upon seeing Marco arrive, suspense music plays] Freeze m*th*rf*cker!

    Marco: [panicking] Oh God! Don't shoot! Don't shoot!

    John McClane: Drop the gun!

    Marco: [starts to do so] Ok! But don't shoot! Don't shoot!

    John McClane: Put it on the ground!

    Marco: [still doing so but very slowly] I know! But don't shoot! Don't shoot!

    Heinrich: [music changes to a climatic theme as Heinrich comes in] Marco duck!

    Marco: [John easily shoots Heinrich but Marco manages to take cover. John then hides under a long conference table]

    [after a quick scene change Marco is on the table shooting it as he walks down it]

    Marco: You a dog now. Where you going pal? Soon there will be no more table.

    [empties his clip and jams a fresh one in]

    Marco: Next time you have a chance to kill someone, don't hesitate.

    [prepares to start shooting again when... ]

    John McClane: [fires upwards several times riddling Marco with bullets. Marco drops dead on the table with bullets and wood splinters in him] Thanks for the advice.

  • Heinrich: Are you trying to get us killed?

    Eric Visnjic: I'm trying to catch the guy we're chasing.

    Heinrich: That's the same thing!

  • Heinrich: Noooo! Second contact closing fast, bearing 076!

    Captain: Damn them! Another one!

  • [Heinrich and two other crewmen carry Kriechbaum to the conning tower ladder]

    Kriechbaum: Thank you, Heinrich.

    Heinrich: Don't mention it. Look, the sun's still shining.


    Heinrich: Lift him!

  • Heinrich: There is nothing to fear except God, whatever that means to you.

    Mark: For me, God is a disease.

    Heinrich: That's why through a disease we can reach God.

  • Mark: Do you want me to break down the bloody door?

    Heinrich: You don't have to it's open.

  • Heinrich: If you had only seen what I saw!

  • Heinrich: This is a joke!

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