Heck Prigusivac Quotes in Love Comes to the Executioner (2006)


Heck Prigusivac Quotes:

  • Chick Prigusivac: "I once had a brother named Heck. Who deserved to be wrung by the neck. He stole my true love, so up his ass I will shove everything but the kitchen sink."

    Heck Prigusivac: That doesn't even rhyme.

  • Miriam Prigusivac: I don't know why you two just don't get along.

    Heck Prigusivac: Maybe because he murdered my entire Latin camp. Don't you think that that deserves punishment?

    Miriam Prigusivac: I'm not one to judge

    Heck Prigusivac: You moral ambivalence frightens me

  • Heck Prigusivac: But if the outcome's already predetermined the issue of right and wrong doesn't matter anymore. Not even Zeus had the power over the fates how can I be expected to do any better?

    Bix: Your obviously not an existentialists

  • Chick Prigusivac: Just be glad that dad's not here to see this, Jesus Christ, embarrassing.

    Heck Prigusivac: Dad's not here because he was a cold blooded killer.

    Chick Prigusivac: Damn right he was! Best dad we ever had.

  • Chick Prigusivac: I'd bust that pretty mouth of yours, if Mama hadn't spent so much on orthodontia.

    Heck Prigusivac: I pity your lack of pathos, ethos, and eros.

  • Heck Prigusivac: What are we going to do?

    Dori Dumchovic: I'm keeping it. I've always been vary pro-life.

    Heck Prigusivac: I know but this is such good news.

    Dori Dumchovic: No it's not. I'm a unwed mother on death row. Give me the odds of that ever happening twice.

  • Heck Prigusivac: A guy should be able to kill his own brother, if he wants to.

  • Heck Prigusivac: Fry or die.

  • Dori Dumchovic: He killed all those other people without remorse. Your better then this.

    Heck Prigusivac: The end justifies the means.

    Dori Dumchovic: NO, No, you have to strap him down in front of witnesses and shit to make it moral and right.

  • Chick Prigusivac: You're a killer, I'm a killer. Hell even your unborn baby's a future killer of America.

    Heck Prigusivac: You know what Chick, you have a real Sisyphus complex coming out your butt.

  • Heck Prigusivac: Why are you still standing there?

    Dori Dumchovic: I don't know I'm... I guess love makes you do stupid things. Te Amo Heck

  • Heck Prigusivac: Are you kidding me? He's cursed the Prigusavic name. He's ruined everything I've ever cared about, not to mention a few things I regard with mild disinterest. The guy use to piss on my bed. If anything he deserves to die for that.

  • Heck Prigusivac: Naming me after one of your cronies is so Oedipal.

    Miriam Prigusivac: Get over it.

  • Dori Dumchovic: What the hell is belladonna?

    Heck Prigusivac: The fates used it to cut the tread of life. The name comes from the Greek word meaning not to turn or to be inflexible. It's a vary difficult conjugation

    Dori Dumchovic: Your plan is to kill me!

    Heck Prigusivac: Only so you can live

  • Heck Prigusivac: Don't worry it's the same stuff that Romeo and Juliet used.

    Dori Dumchovic: Why doesn't that make feel any better.

    Heck Prigusivac: It's perfectly safe there are no additives or preservatives

  • Miriam Prigusivac: What did Chick ever do to deserve this?

    Heck Prigusivac: It's called "multiple homicide".

  • Heck Prigusivac: Are you a religious man, because it's never too late to hedge your bets.

  • Chick Prigusivac: Suck it.

    Heck Prigusivac: Digitas Compudit it's real mature, real mature.

  • Heck Prigusivac: Killing people for a living just seems wrong.

  • Dori Dumchovic: What happened to the guy who wanted to change the world through conjugation.

    Heck Prigusivac: I'm the same old me.

    Dori Dumchovic: All you care about is killing your brother.

    Heck Prigusivac: It's my job, it's how I pay for my mother's medical bills.

    Dori Dumchovic: There's more to it and you know it.

  • Miriam Prigusivac: Why can't you be more like your brother Chick?

    Heck Prigusivac: Mom Chick's on death row for murder.

    Miriam Prigusivac: it was good enough for your father.

    Heck Prigusivac: Just because they are remorseless killers doesn't mean that I should follow in their footsteps

    Miriam Prigusivac: There you go getting all uppity again.

    Heck Prigusivac: Uppity? All I want to do is to get through my life with out murdering anyone. Is that so wrong?

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