Heck Quotes in Imagine Me & You (2005)


Heck Quotes:

  • Heck: It's not you leaving that's going to kill me. It's you loving someone more.

    Rachel: No. you're not walking way. Don't... don't walk away from me.

    Heck: Yeah keep saying that. Pretend this is my choice.

    Rachel: What do you MEAN?

    Heck: Oh come on Rachel. We both know you'd have left me in the end.

    Rachel: That's not true.

    Heck: YES IT IS!

    Heck: [quieter]

    Heck: Yes it is. I want you to be happy. More than anything else I wanted to be the cause of happiness in you. But if I'm not, then I can't stand in the way, you see? Because what you're feeling now, Rachel, is the unstoppable force. Which means that I've got to move.

  • H: Heck, I've got a question.

    Tessa: Not now.

    Heck: What's the question, H?

    H: What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?

    Heck: [thinks for a few seconds, then replies] I haven't got a bastard clue, I'm afraid.

    Tessa: There you are, you see. Now we can let him get married in peace.

    [She starts to lead H to the church to find a seat for the wedding]

    Luce: [Catches H before Tessa can take her away completely] It never happens. If there's a thing that can't be stopped, it's not possible for there to be something else which can't be moved, and vice versa. They can't both exist. You see, it's a trick question is the answer.

    H: [as Tessa leads her to the church] Can she sit with me?

  • Heck: Edie, are you gay?

    Edie: Am I gay?


    Edie: I'm ecstatic!

  • Heck: So, what about you? Are you married? Ever been married, ever going to get married?

    Luce: No. No. Maybe now that the law's changed.

    Heck: How do you mean?

    Luce: Well, I'm gay.

    Heck: [chuckles, then realizes that it's not a joke] Mmm... well done.

  • Luce: You should ask her, you know.

    Heck: Bless you but... I couldn't ask Rach if there is anything wrong that would be way too scary.

    Luce: Why?

    Heck: What if there is?

  • Heck: Well, let's hang these flowers and get that jacket in some water.

  • Rachel: She's gay...

    Heck: As a tennis player.

  • Heck: [Rachel and Heck are having breakfast in bed] I like this jam. It's really good jam. I should make jam. I could, you know.

    Rachel: 'Course you could.

    Heck: You don't think I could.

    Rachel: Not for a second.

    Heck: Anyway, I was talking to Rob yesterday.

    Rachel: That man's an ass.

    Heck: That man *is* an ass. But he's got this really sweet girlfriend. God knows what she found to love about him, but she does. He cheats on her like a nutter.

    [Rachel gets up and starts to get dressed]

    Heck: Oh, come back to bed.

    Rachel: I'm up now. Does she know?

    Heck: Well, I'm like, 'If you want to leave, tell her.' Are you really up?

    Rachel: I really am. Maybe he doesn't want to leave. Maybe he doesn't know what he wants.

    Heck: Anyway, he should figure it out before someone gets hurt... Why are you looking at me?

    Rachel: 'Cause you're a good person.

    Heck: You wait till I make jam. Then I'll rock your world.

  • Heck: It's porn, right? It's degrading. It's offensive.

    Rachel: God yes.

    Heck: Yeah. Let's watch it anyway. Come on, Rach, I mean, things have been getting slack in that department recently. I know it's my fault, and it's... yeah.

    Rachel: No, it's mine... I... uh... but I don't want to watch this.

    Heck: [sadly] Why not?

    Rachel: It doesn't turn me on.

    Heck: Makes one of us.

  • Heck: You know I want you to be happy. And more than anything, I wanted to be the cause of happiness in you.

  • [Last lines]

    Heck: How long is the flight anyway? Do you know?

    Zina: About 24 hours. More than enough time.

  • Coop: I'm 29 years old.

    Heck: You're 31.

    Coop: Precisely my point. I'm getting older. And I see you... I see what you've got with... I can see that stability. And the trust, and permanence. And I think... God, I'm glad I'm not you.

  • Heck: [Rachel wants to have sex in a park late at night] We've got a flat. It's a good one. And I've confiscated your mother's key so she can't sneak up on us anymore. I swear that woman's got a sex radar.

  • Coop: [Standing at the altar with Heck] I fancy that flower girl.

    Heck: [Craning around to see if Rachel's coming] Yeah, yeah, I know you do.

    Coop: She likes me, right? I got a vibe that she likes me.

    Heck: Coop, it's my wedding day. Can we talk about me?

    Coop: Sure, yes.

    [Turns with Heck to see if Rachel's coming. Waits a few seconds, then whispers]

    Coop: Did you get the vibe that she likes me?

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