Haywood Quotes in If Looks Could Kill (1991)


Haywood Quotes:

  • [Michael is on the phone with British Intelligence]

    Lt. Col. Larabee: Listen to me carefully, Corben. An operative will be meeting you on the plane.

    Michael Corben: Yeah, right. Gimme a break. I know who this is. If you guys are on a speakerphone, tell your sister she has nice tits.

    Haywood: Oh, really, Corben! We shan't do anything of the kind.

  • [discussing the "other" Michael Corben]

    Lt. Col. Larabee: This operative has been living under an alias for the last five years, establishing, building and maintaining deep cover in the United States. Nobody knows what he looks like here. They don't know his age, race or background. All that we do know is that he is arriving on air Trans-At flight thirty-five departing Detroit tomorrow morning under the codename "Michael Corben."

    Haywood: Lieutenant Colonel Larabee's codename is... "Mother."

    [the board members all snicker]

    Haywood: Kelly?

    Kelly: Excuse me, sir. But it doesn't sound like the operative's cover's as deep as you think.

    Lt. Col. Larabee: Just exactly how do you mean that, son?

    Kelly: Well, sir, you said, "No one knows what he looks like." So, we know he's male.

    Haywood: Shut up, Kelly.

  • [on the phone with the French Teacher]

    Haywood: We are fully apprised of the situation. It is best if you forgot whatever it is you thought you saw.

    Mrs Grober: But-But how can I? We are talking about Michael Corben!

    Haywood: Mrs. Grober, are you sure you're completely aware of the full import of this situation?

    Mrs Grober: Of course I am! I am the French teacher! God, I'm gonna kill that kid!

    Lt. Col. Larabee: Keep her talking.

    Haywood: Oh, that won't be a problem!

    [Larabee summons an aide]

    Lt. Col. Larabee: I want all references to the operative called "the French Teacher." You go back twenty years if you have to.

  • Haywood: [on speakerphone with Mrs. Grober] We're grateful for your linguistic services, but at this point Corben will just have to go it alone.

    Mrs Grober: Well then somebody has to call home. You must call his mother.

    Haywood: Mrs. Grober? Do you know... Mother?

    Mrs Grober: I certainly do.

    [Haywood eyes Larabee, who nervously shakes his head]

    Mrs Grober: And despite what you are saying, if I don't have Michael Corben by the end of this week, she is going to be one very unhappy lady!

    Haywood: Is that a threat, Mrs. Grober?

    Mrs Grober: French teachers do not threaten, Monsieur. They say, "S'il vous plait."

  • Moylan: Why does anyone have to ride point?

    Haywood: The Army works on the principle that it's better to sacrifice a few to many. It's hard to be one of those "few."

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