Hatchet-Face Quotes in Cry-Baby (1990)


Hatchet-Face Quotes:

  • The Judge: By the way, that's a shame about your face.

    Hatchet-Face: There's nothing the matter with my face. I got character!

  • Wanda: Think Cry-Baby's got blue balls for the chick?

    Hatchet Face: Allison's a square, Wanda. Cry-Baby don't dig squares.

    Pepper: No, she's a scrape - part square, part drape. I think she's pretty.

  • Milton Hackett: Looks like somebody lost their laundry.

    Lenora Frigid: Hello Cry-Baby. You've scorched me, man.

    Wade "Cry-Baby" Walker: Later, Lenora.

    Lenora Frigid: But Cry-baby, I need a date for tonight's Jukebox Jamboree.

    Wade "Cry-Baby" Walker: Well, I'm solo, sugar.

    Lenora Frigid: [offering to show her breasts] Wanna see these gunboats? I give, Cry-baby. I give bare second on the first date.

    Wade "Cry-Baby" Walker: Use your mentality and cool down!

    Wanda: Yeah, Lenora, your bosoms ain't nothin'!

    Hatchet-Face: Better watch it, bozo! You might catch a cold!

    Pepper: My brother wouldn't touch your titties with a ten-foot pole. He likes his women bad, Lenora, not cheap!

  • Cry-Baby: [singing] High school hell cats.

    PepperHatchet FaceMilton HackettAllisonWanda: [singing] On our own.

    Cry-Baby: [singing] High school hell cats.

    PepperHatchet FaceMilton HackettAllisonWanda: [singing] Almost grown.

    Cry-Baby: [singing] Come on pick a fight, we wish you would. I love being bad cause it sure feels good. Oh-oh!

  • Baldwin: You think you're a big man, Cry-Baby, but you're lower than your dead father! And guess who pulled the switch on that jerk? My grandpappy, that's who! And every Christmas since, my whole family gathers together and he retells the story of the day he electrocuted your daddy, and we just laugh!

    Hatchet Face: Let me punch his ugly face!

    Wade "Cry-Baby" Walker: It's okay, Hatchet. You're beautiful, baby. But I'll take care of this maggot! Do you know how to play the automobile game called Chicken?

    Baldwin: Sure! My car and your jalopy! We head toward one other at full speed. First one to turn the wheel before we smash is a chicken!

    The Judge: Is that legal?

    Mrs. Vernon-Williams, Allison's Grandmother: Stop this insanity!

    Wade "Cry-Baby" Walker: I got some new rules, sucker! How 'bout you and me on top of the car?

    Baldwin: [hesitates] I'm man enough, you big cry baby!

    Wade "Cry-Baby" Walker: That's "Mr. Baby" to you! Fellas of the press, this chicken race tonight is for my daddy. And I'd like to sing something in his memory. Something hill-billy... something colored!

    [Baldwin groans]

    Wade "Cry-Baby" Walker: Something my daddy would have loved!

  • Pepper: Don't go flip out mamma!

    Hatchet-Face: Yeah! Sometimes shook up old ladies...

    [licks knife]

    Hatchet-Face: GET CUT!

  • Uncle Belvedere Rickettes: Today's a special day for me and your grandmother. We've been together ten whole years.

    Ramona Rickettes: I'm just so proud of all my drape children! Oh Wanda, you sure is pretty in them tight clothes, all painted up like trash!

    Wanda: I wish you and Belvedere were my parents.

    Ramona Rickettes: Now Milton, boy, you are everything a man should be: you're young, stupid, and... mean!

    Milton Hackett: We're gonna play some cool music for you tonight, Ramona.

    Ramona Rickettes: And Hatchet-face, oh honey! You're just like me. Now, you put the T in tough! So hard you could've been eating nails for breakfast! But that's the way a woman's got to be these days.

    Hatchet-Face: I'd kick a square's ass for you in a minute, Mrs. Rickettes!

    Ramona Rickettes: Oh, this is the best gang my grandson could ever have!

  • Allison: It's really wild, but I'm-I'm afraid that I'm not gonna fit in here. You know, with your friends, and stuff.

    Wade "Cry-Baby" Walker: You're cool, Allison. You just look square. Underneath it all, I think you're really hep.

    Hatchet-Face: Well, what have we here?

    Wanda: The first square to ever set foot in Turkey Point.

    Pepper: Hey fine mama, welcome to the Jukebox Jamboree!

    Wade "Cry-Baby" Walker: These are the Cry-Baby girls. That's Wanda.

    Wanda: Dig it, babe. You need a new look!

    Hatchet-Face: Don't you got tits? Stick 'em out, for God's sake!

    Wade "Cry-Baby" Walker: That's Hatchet-face. She don't mean no harm.

    Pepper: The first thing a Cry-Baby girl learns: our bazooms are our weapons!

    Wade "Cry-Baby" Walker: Now, Pepper's pregnant, but she can fight like a man!

    Wanda: I wouldn't be caught dead in a full skirt.

    Pepper: Hey girls, what do you think? Let's give Allison here a bad girl beauty makeover. You game?

    Allison: Sure! Think I got what it takes?

    Hatchet-FaceWandaPepper: Whoa ho ho!

    Wade "Cry-Baby" Walker: You got it, Allison. You got it raw!

  • Cry-Baby: [singing] I had my first cigarette before I could walk / And I was strumming this guitar before I could talk, Cause I'm the King.

    Hatchet-FaceWandaPepperMilton HackettAllison: [singing] King Cry Baby.

    Cry-Baby: [singing] Yeah, I'm the King.

    Hatchet-FaceWandaPepperMilton HackettAllison: [singing] King Cry Baby.

    Cry-Baby: [singing] Oh, I'm the King.

    Hatchet-FaceWandaPepperMilton HackettAllison: [singing] King Cry Baby.

    Cry-Baby: [singing] A King Cry Baby with a tear in my eye / If you mess with the King you're gonna cry, baby, cry, baby, cry, baby, cry.

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