Harvard Blue Quotes in Truck Turner (1974)


Harvard Blue Quotes:

  • Harvard Blue: Turner's like a bulldog with eyes up his ass!

  • Dorinda: Well Blue, I presume you came to talk business.

    Harvard Blue: You dont see me with my cock in my hand, do you, Dorinda?

    Dorinda: Who's he, you're test-tube?

    Harvard Blue: He's looking in your house for tapes.

    Dorinda: Shit nigger, this ain't the White House.

  • Harvard Blue: Be cool, pussy.

  • Dorinda: What's the matter, Blue? Can't you cut the job?

    Harvard Blue: I am the job. I came here to get 'em off your ass!

    Dorinda: My ass is in good shape.

    Harvard Blue: Your ass is into hot water without a boat!

  • [Moments after he shot Reno dead, Truck and Annie head to Truck's apartment]

    Annie: Truck, talk to me. Do you know him?

    Truck Turner: I told ya, I don't know him.

    Annie: Well, then why were they shooting at us?

    Truck Turner: I don't know, but I'll find out. I'm gonna find out.

    [Truck opens the door and, shocked, both he and Annie sees Harvard Blue on the couch cuddling Frances the cat. Annie screams and hides in front of Truck; Truck pulls out his revolver]

    Truck Turner: [to Annie] Come on in. Come on, close the door.

    [to Harvard]

    Truck Turner: What do ya want, man?

    Harvard Blue: Checkin' you out, "man".

    Truck Turner: What is all this shootin' shit outside?

    Harvard Blue: [Chuckles as he stands up] The sky's about to open on your head. Better retire. Take a vacation. Lay on a beach for about 90 years.

    Truck Turner: [cocks hammer] You've got ten seconds. One, two, three, four five, six, seven...

    Harvard Blue: [leaves] Be cool, pussy.

    Truck Turner: ...eight.

  • Harvard Blue: What do you want?

    Dorinda: A bucket o' blood. I want the nigger that wasted Gator.

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