Harry Zimm Quotes in Get Shorty (1995)


Harry Zimm Quotes:

  • Harry Zimm: I once asked this literary agent, uh, what kind of writing paid the best... he said, "Ransom notes."

  • Harry Zimm: [as Doris is kissing him] Doris, I don't know how I feel about this.

    Doris: [feels him up] You seem to feel fine about it.

    Harry Zimm: I mean, morally, you know. Murray was a friend.

    Doris: Murray's dead.

    [begins kissing him again]

    Harry Zimm: Does this mean that you're gonna reconsider our deal on "Mr. Lovejoy"?

    Doris: No, but now that you mention it I did talk to a gorgeous young executive at Paramount the other day, who just happened to get his hands on the script.

    Harry Zimm: What did he say?

    Doris: He said that if Martin's interested, I can get half a million for it. Easy. Oh, don't worry, Harry. I'm still gonna give you 'till Friday.

    Harry Zimm: How honorable of you.

    Doris: Harry, you want me to go, just say so.

    [opens the raincoat again]

    Harry Zimm: [pulls her to him] Ahhh, what the fuck.

  • Doris: [looking at the room] My favorite color! Putty.

    Harry Zimm: What do you want, Doris?

    Doris: I miss Murray, Harry.

    Harry Zimm: Yeah, I miss him, too. Hell of a good writer, you know. I should know, I discovered him. Made him what he was.

    Doris: What he was, was a hack. He couldn't get a job writing for anybody but you. I'm being honest. He was a lousy writer, but he was a good husband. I just didn't know until it was too late.

    Harry Zimm: Yeah, well, twenty/twenty hindsight and all that. You know what they say.

    Doris: I hate being alone. The house is so quiet, so lonely. It needs a man's touch.

    [opens her raincoat to show the lingerie she's wearing]

    Harry Zimm: Nice necklace, Doris.

  • Harry Zimm: I said I'd think about it. In this town, what does that mean? Nothing!

    Chili Palmer: Well, that's the difference between you and me, Harry. I say what I mean. I want Martin Weir? I go out and get Martin Weir. I don't fuck around with this bullshit with the trainer's shrink.

  • Chili Palmer: Harry Zimm.

    Harry Zimm: Jesus Christ!

    Chili Palmer: How you doing? I'm Chili Palmer.

    Harry Zimm: Jesus, if I have a heart attack, I hope you know what to do.

  • Harry Zimm: The guy's been in town two days, and already he thinks he's David O. Fucking Selznick.

  • [Harry Zimm calls Ray Bones on the phone]

    Harry Zimm: Ray Barboni?

    Ray "Bones" Barboni: Who is this?

    Harry Zimm: Are you the guy they called Ray Bones?

    Ray "Bones" Barboni: It depends. Who is this?

    Harry Zimm: I'm the one telling you the way it is, okay, asshole? That's who I am. Now you want your three hundred grand or don't you?

    Ray "Bones" Barboni: What three hundred grand?

    Harry Zimm: The three hundred grand a guy named Leo Devoe scammed off an airline. The three hundred grand Chili Palmer now has in his possession.

    Harry Zimm: [after a brief pause] Hello. Are you there?

    Ray "Bones" Barboni: Yeah, I'm here. I just don't like the anonymous crap. It means your either chickenshit or not for real.

    Harry Zimm: Well, trust me, I'm very for real.

    Ray "Bones" Barboni: Okay, so who are you?

    Harry Zimm: I work for Harry Zimm, all right?

    Ray "Bones" Barboni: Who?

    Harry Zimm: Harry Zimm. The man happens to be a major Hollywood player.

    Ray "Bones" Barboni: Never heard of him.

    Harry Zimm: Maybe that's because you've never been out've fuckin' Miami, dipshit. Maybe it's time you got on a plane, flew out to L.A. and took a meeting with Mr. Zimm.

    Ray "Bones" Barboni: So, what, this Zimm guy asking for some kinda finders fee, that what we're talking about here?

    Harry Zimm: Hey, Zimm doesn't ask for dick. Zimm tells you the way it is... or else.

    Ray "Bones" Barboni: Or else what?

    Harry Zimm: Or else use your fucking imagination!

  • Chili Palmer: That's Martin Weir! He's the one who played the mob guy-turned snitch in "Cyclone!"

    Harry Zimm: One of his best parts.

    Chili Palmer: No, his best part was when he played the crippled gay guy who climbed Mt. Whitney.

    Harry Zimm: "Ride the Clouds." Good picture.

  • Harry Zimm: Wrap. It's a wrap. Come back tomorrow. Fuck!

    Doris: Harry, what are you doing? You should have gone into overtime to get that shot. This is only the second day, and were already two weeks behind. And do me a favor, alright, Harry. Next time...

  • Harry Zimm: [there is a knock on the door] Who is it?

    Doris: Me.

    Harry Zimm: Oh, fuck!

    Doris: [behind the door] I heard that.

    Harry Zimm: [opens the door] Hello Doris.

    Doris: Harry Zimm. You look like a wet kiss.

  • Harry Zimm: He's got a major star interested and would I produce it?

    Chili Palmer: Which star?

    Harry Zimm: Two time Academy Award nominee Martin Weir.

  • Harry Zimm: [to Chili] A blockbuster but quality. No mutants or maniacs. This is gonna be my "Driving Miss Daisy".

  • Harry Zimm: I guess in your line of work, there's times you gotta get rough, huh? In case one of your customers don't pay.

    Chili Palmer: They always pay.

    Harry Zimm: You pack a gun?

    Chili Palmer: Not really.

  • Chili Palmer: So you make movies, huh?

    Harry Zimm: I produce feature motion pictures. No T.V.

  • Harry Zimm: Have we met? I don't recall.

    Chili Palmer: We just did. I told you, my name is Chili Palmer.

  • Harry Zimm: Ray, look at me.

    Ray "Bones" Barboni: Why don't you take a look at this?

  • Harry Zimm: [Waking up from a drunken sleep to the sound of someone knocking on the door] Who is it?

    Ray "Bones" Barboni: [Walks in the office] Hi, I'm the dipshit who has never been out of Miami.

  • Chili Palmer: [Telling Karen his idea for a movie] It's about a dry cleaner who owes a shylock fifteen thousand dollars and his three weeks over on the vig, the dry cleaner, let's call him "Leo" his scared and doesn't know any better so he leaves town and gets on a plane but the plane sits there and doesn't move so they announce over the PA system that there's some kind of mechanical problem and be delayed for an hour but they tell all the passengers to remain in their seats in case they can get it fixed sooner so the guy's nervous and in no shape to sit there and sweat it out so he gets off the plane and goes into the cocktail lounge and starts drinking one drink after another and he's still in the lounge when the plane crashes during takeoff, he couldn't believe his luck because if he stayed on the plane he'd be dead , now that everyone thinks his dead he wouldn't have to pay back the fifteen thousand dollars or what he owes on the vig, since Leo's name was on the passenger's list they bring his wife out to the airport where they're going through personal effects whatever wasn't burned up they tell the wife to look for only things she would know about, she returns home and the people from the airline come out to see her and they tell her how sorry they are and how their plane exploded they offer a settlement: an amount he would've earned if he operated the dry cleaners for the rest of his life

    Karen Flores: How much is the wife offered?

    Harry Zimm: Three hundred thousand dollars, so she takes it "money in the hand" and he gets his wife to cash the check and he leaves for Las Vegas he was supposed to call her to come out but she never hears from him because his gambling so much and his hot, turning the three hundred grand up to half a million dollars but its driving the guy nuts because his winning and he can't tell anybody who he is

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